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#144 All Through The Night - Sepanjang Malam

Judul : All Through The Night (Sepanjang Malam)
Penulis : Mary Higgins Clark
Penerbit : PT.Gramedia Pustaka Utama
Tahun terbit : 2005
Tebal buku : 184hal
ISBN : 9796558335
Review :
Tujuh tahun yang lalu, ada seorang ibu muda yang dengan berat hati meninggalkan bayinya di depan gereja di Manhattan. Dengan usia yang masih begitu muda dan karir yang menjanjikan menantinya, ia memutuskan untuk membiarkan anaknya diasuh oleh orang lain. Harapannya adalah umat di pastoran tersebut dapat menemukan bayi mungilnya dan mengasuhnya.

Tapi siapa sangka disaat yang bersamaan ada seorang pencuri yang sedang merampok gereja tersebut. Untuk menghapus kecurigaan polisi, Lenny mendorong kereta bayi tersebut bersamanya. Setelah sampai dirumahnya, ia terkejut karena ternyata ada seorang bayi mungil didalam kereta bayi tersebut. Tak ingin diusir oleh bibinya, Lenny pun berdalih bahwa ia membawa seorang bayi hasil hubungannya dengan wanita yang ia cintai. Muslihatnya berhasil karena bibinya tak jadi mengusirnya dan malah sangat sayang kepada bayi mungilnya.

Tujuh tahun berlalu dan anak itu tumbuh menjadi gadis yang sangat cantik. Dan Lenny bermaksud untuk menjadikannya partner untuk mencuri ketika ia rasa waktunya sudah tepat. Di saat yang bersamaan ibu dari bayi itu kembali ke gereja dimana ia meninggalkan bayinya tujuh tahun yang lalu.

Dikenal sebagai ahli memecahkan misteri, Alvirah dan Willy diminta bantuan untuk menelusuri kasus ini. Berniat mengembalikan bayi tersebut kepada sang ibu, Alvirah pun melakukan pencarian di sekitar gereja dan dengan pelan tapi pasti ia mulai menemukan secercah jawaban.

Ini adalah buku pertama Mary Higgins Clark yang kubaca. Ceritanya cukup bagus, temanya unik, tapi sayang cara penyelesaiannya terlalu mudah sehingga gak dapat gregetnya. Tapi buku ini tetap layak dibaca dan setelah ini saya jadi ingin membaca karya-karya Mary Higgins Clark lainnya.

Happy New Year Eve everyone!

One Happy Day

Me and my best friend, ci Maggie went to Optik Metro today. I had a package to take and we both were craving for bakso Simas which is located beside Medan Plaza. so together with ci Magg and ci Wili, we went to Simas, to have a late lunch , chit-chat and taste the delicious pudding =D

The package that I mentioned before was given by my friend, ci Eka aka tacie as a new year gift ^^v
and since I read mba Mia's review about Nineteen Minutes - Jodi Picoult
( you can read it here :,
I've really wanted to buy the book and read it. And I guess 2012 will be a good year to start the reading.

the gift is on the left side.
Tempted (House of Night #6) - P.C.Cast, Kristin Cast
Nineteen Minutes - Jodi Picoult

To Catch a Prince - Gillian McKnight
To Catch a Prince - Gillian McKnight.
Last time I said that I want to buy a book or two in the end of the year as an appreciation for myself for  what I had achieved in this year. So, I went to Times Bookstore and bought To Catch a Prince. I love the cover and the synopsis seems promising. Everytime I went to bookstores, it's hard not to buy any. Actually there are two more books that I want to buy, Thirteen Reasons Why and Shatter Me. But after some consideration, I decided to buy this one first. I believe others can wait :)

We didn't stop book-shopping there, and since there is no Gramedia in Medan Fair, we went to Karisma. Apparently, they held a sale clearance and the book prices are about Rp.10.000,00 to Rp.15.000,00. At first, we didn't intend to buy at all, *you guys have to trust me!!*, but in the end, my hand betrayed me and grabbed six books that you can see below.

1. Gangway : Let Me Begin ; Mendadak Benjut - Boim Lebon
2. Kartu Kedua Belas (The Twelfth Card) - Jeffery Deaver
3.Penyelamatan Yang Sia-Sia (Saving Fish From Drowing) - Amy Tan
4.A Brother's Journey : Bertahan Dari Siksaan Masa Kecil - Richard B.Pelzer
5.Weedflower (Bunga Liar) - Cynthia Kadohata
6.Reinkarnasi - Lan Fang

I feel guilty actually. But consider the cheap prices for the six books I bought today, the guilt is suddenly disappeared. >.< Well, like Frank Zappa said,"So many books, so little time." You read a book, you bought three as a replacement, so the question is when exactly will we stop reading? The answer is quite obvious I guess,"Never."

PS : I had a great day with mamak Maggie, it was such a pleasure to spend a day with her.^^ Hope Ci San, Ci Aline ,Ci Yun,etc can join us on the next gath.

Happy Reading!~

Friday, December 30, 2011

#143 Betrayal (Immortal #2) -Gillian Shields

Title : Betrayal ( Immortal #2)
Author : Gillian Shields
Series : immortal series
Publisher : Katherine Tegen Books
edition language : english
Review :
This is the second book of Immortal series. Well, I can't lie to myself and say that his book is awesome, I just can tell that this book is fine. However, I did enjoy reading it. At some point, I keep wondering of why Evie is so crazy about Sebastian. We don't fall in love with ghost, do we? Sebastian isn't a ghost who died last summer. He's been dead for centuries. He's a very old creature. Yet Evie who had fallen in love with him since the book one, always looking for him like every night and forget the risk of being found by teachers there. Love is blind or love is such a fool? Who knows? :)

This time when Evie came back to Wyldcliffe Abbey School, Sebastian wasn't there anymore. He didn't show up no matter how many times she called his name. It leads to the fact that Sebastian was actually dying and helpless. Evie wanted to help him so bad. And lucky her, she has two bestfriends, Sarah and Helen to help her to find a cure to Sebastian. Unlike the other students, Evie and her sisters knew very well about their powers. But their journey don't go smoothly because The Dark Sisters always keep an eye on them. The Dark Sisters are some teachers who are seeking immortality.

And once upon a time, Sebastian had promised them an eternity if they became his followers and gave a life of a girl for him to survive and remain young and powerful in this world. But since Sebastian met Evie, it was all changed. Well, love has its magic,huh? :) Bad guys can change into good guys, and vice versa. But it means chaos to The Dark Sisters. If Sebastian changed his mind, then they will have nothing but mortality. And that means, the war has begun. 

"There are many kinds of betrayals. There are the small ones. The unkind word, the laughter behind someone's back, the petty lies. And there are the betrayals that break hearts, destroy worlds, and turn the strong, sweet light of day into bitter dust."
What is love with a betrayal in it? What is love without trust? 
If you love someone enough, you will leave them for a better good.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

#142 Three Weddings and a Kiss

Title : Three Weddings and a Kiss
Sub title : Promises - Lisa Kleypas
Author : Kathleen E.Woodiwiss, Lisa Kleypas, Catherine Anderson, Loretta Chase.
Publisher : Avon
Edition language : english
Review :
So this is an anthology written by those authors I had mentioned above. But I just had a chance to read the Lisa Kleypas, Promises. What I can tell is, although the story is quite short, yet I still love it. The story told about Lidian Acland who was insanely in love with Chance Spencer. The man never showed up,though. But she acted like they had shared some intimate love and she doesn't has any intention to seek another men even though there are so many men who attracted to her. One of them is Lord Eric De Gray.

Lord Eric happened to be the heir of De Gray after his oldest brother passed away. There is no doubt that he has a lot of experiences with women. But when he looked at Lidian, he knew that she was different with any other women that he had seen before. So, although Lidian had told him that she has no interest in seeing other men except Chance, Eric didn't just back off.

In fact, I can tell that he did his best to attract Lidian's attention and gave so much care to her even though what is on her mind is Chance only. But what if she found out that Chance doesn't have the same feeling with her? Will she finally love Eric back? :)

I love Eric so much especially when he said this,"You are still a child, in many ways. But that doesn't stop me from loving you." sweet!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

#141 Epic Fail - Claire LaZebnik

Title : Epic Fail
Author : Claire LaZebnik
Publisher : HarperTeen
Total Pages : 288pages
edition language : english
Review :
New school ,new teachers, and new friends. Elise and her sisters, Juliana, Layla, and Kaitlyn have to blend in with all of them. Being a new student make you a bit worry if you will get the right person to be your friend or not. Some are just being nice, some are really care, and the rests don't even put an attention.
and you will be more worried if your mother is a new principal there, and your dad is a teacher there as well.

Elise doesn't feel ashamed of them. No, she doesn't at all. What she really worried about is what if when people begin to notice it, they don't want to be friends anymore with her. I can tell that the worries is unreasonable. If your friends can't accept for who you are then it is clear that they don't deserve to be your friends. As simple as that.

To know that your new school is full of actress and actors' sons and daughters make you look small. Elise feels like want to hide forever when Derek, the movie stars' son sit at the same table with her at lunch time.
Derek is a good-looking and well-educated guy. And he is friends with Chase, Juliana's new crush.
Born as the son of movie stars makes you live a different life from most children. All people want to be friends with Derek, talk with him, and act like they had known Derek for a long time, and it was very irritating for him.

Elise is the first person who doesn't look him in that way. But their relationship is a bit rocky in the beginning because of some arguments. But what kind of relationship that has no arguments at all? =D that's a very sweet of them. 

I love how Elise defend her parents when her friends mock them, and even when Derek accidentally share a bad thought of her mom, she doesn't hesitate to mad at him. Means the girl has a self-control of herself, not like the other girls who will pretend not to hear it, or the worse is participate in the conversation just to get their attention. What a fool.

I have two persons that are so obnoxious and definitely need a slap in the butt and face in this book. You will know soon after you read the first chapter. It isn't hard to notice,though.

Some people say this is a modern pride and prejudice, but poor me, I haven't read pride and prejudice yet T_T the fact that i'm majoring english literature doesn't make me all of a sudden read the book. Hope I'll find some time to read it. Note to myself : I need to read more about literature books. Not that I don't own it, but I haven't found the courage.

Last but not least, i love this book and it's definitely worth to read.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Books for Swap

Halo. Saya mau swap beberapa buku. Yang tertarik untuk swap tinggal komen di postingan ini saja. Daerah yang mencakup tidak dibatasi yang penting masih di Indonesia =D

1. M2L (Men 2 Love) - Andrei Aksana
2.Wolfsangel -M.D.Lachlan
3.Lolita - Vladimir Nabokov
4.Once Upon a Love - Aditia Yudis
5.Breakfast in Bed - Sandra Brown
6.Kau : Cinta Pada Pandangan Pertama -Sylvia L'Namira
7.5cm -Donny Dhirgantoro

Are you the lucky one?

Halo readers. Karena ini masih dalam suasana Natal dan sebentar lagi tahun 2011 akan berakhir, aku ingin bagi sedikit kebahagian untuk para pembaca, bloggers, dan twitpals.
Kebetulan aku punya Cinta Paket Hebat double, oleh karena itu, aku mau adain kuis.
Caranya gampangnya :
1.Follow akun twitterku : @OceMei
2.Mention alasan menurut kalian 'Kenapa keluarga itu sangat penting?'
3.Pake hastag #kuisCPH

Untuk para blogger yang gak punya akun twitter, bisa juga dijawab melalui komen di postingan ini, caranya tetap sama.
1.Follow blog ini.
2.Mention alasan menurut kalian 'Kenapa keluarga itu sangat penting?'
3.Pake hastag #kuisCPH

Semua jawaban yang diterima akan ditampung hingga 31Desember2011 pukul 21.00WIB.
Setiap user yang menjawab mention akan diikutsertakan dalam undian yang akan dilakukan pukul 20.00WIB pada hari itu juga.

Selamat mengikuti,
Semoga beruntung.

Merry Christmas all!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Feliz Navidad~~

Feliz Navidad
Feliz Navidad
Feliz Navidad
Prospero Ano y Felicidad

Feliz Navidad
Feliz Navidad
Feliz Navidad
Prospero Ano y Felicidad

I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas
I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas
I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas
from the bottom of my heart 

Feliz Navidad! Merry Christmas to all of us.
 I had a great Christmas celebration with my family last night at church, thanks to God. 
I took photos with my Christmas tree, I love you God.

My bestfriend gave a simple yet meaningful Christmas gift, you love me, God.

I had a fabulous Christmas days buying book, and watching cinema, thanks to God.

I feel so blessed that I am surrounded by wonderful family and awesome friends.
I couldn't be more thankful for that.
If Jesus loves me, He is showing it everyday.
If my parents love me, I know it for sure.
If you my friends love me, I wanna say nothing but thank you, I heart you.

Special for my best friend, Meggy Chitra.
I feel grateful to have such a friend like you
We don't have to be born as a sibling, 
but the connection between me and you,
is thicker than blood.

I appreciate everything that you wrote,
I said 'amen' to every single notes,
thank you for your concern,
all I wish for you is nothing.
But the best.

Love you.

Friday, December 23, 2011

#140 Natal Sang Koboi (Christmas Cowboy) - Diana Palmer

Judul : Natal Sang Koboi (Christmas Cowboy)
Penulis : Diana Palmer
Tebal : 176hal
Tahun terbit : 8 Dec 2010
Penerbit : Gramedia Pustaka Utama
edition language : Indonesian
ISBN : 9789792264
Review :
Hidup ditengah wanita-wanita modern membuat Corrigan mengira jika semua wanita adalah sama dalam hal bercinta. Ketika melihat Dorie untuk pertama kalinya, Corrigan tak pernah bisa melepaskan pandangan darinya. Dorie bukanlah wanita pada umumnya. Dia masih polos dan takut pada Corrigan yang jelas sangat mengintimidasi. Tak bisa menolak pesona Corrigan, Dorie pun menjalani hubungan dengan pria tampan dan gagah itu. Sebelum melakukan hubungan diluar nikah, Dorie pun tersadar bahwa ia tidak bisa melakukannya. Seberapapun hasrat membawanya, tapi sejak kecil ayahnya sudah mengajarinya untuk tidak melakukan hubungan seks diluar nikah. 

Maka Dorie memutuskan untuk pergi, meninggalkan Corrigan beserta kota yang penuh kenangan tsb. 
Delapan tahun, waktu yang dibutuhkan Dorie untuk kembali ke kota tsb. Ayahnya meninggal dan ia berencana untuk menempati rumah lamanya. Delapan tahun, namun rasa itu masih ada dan tak pernah redup barang sedetik pun. 

Corrigan sama sekali tak berubah kecuali kakinya menjadi sedikit kaku karena kecelakaan. Masa lalu yang berusaha ia kubur dalam-dalam dan ingin ia beritahu kepada siapapun. Dorie juga memiliki masa lalu yang kelam sejak ia meninggalkan kota yang membesarkannya. Tinggal tanpa seorang pria pendamping membuatnya tak berdaya. 

Ketika mereka bertemu untuk kedua kalinya, api cinta mereka kembali berkobar dan kali ini Corrigan tidak ingin mengulangi kesalahan lagi dengan membiarkan Dorie pergi dari sisinya. 

Hart bersaudara membuatku gila! =D Mereka bukan remaja lagi, dan memiliki badan besar serta dibarengi dengan wajah yang sanggup membuat orang bergetar ketakutan. Tapi mengapa mereka doyan sekali makan biskuit!!lol. Setiap kali ada mereka, pasti dapur jadi rusuh, Dorie jadi ketakutan dan marah karena mereka hanya memikirkan biskuit saja dan bahkan merencanakan pernikahan untuk Dorie dan Corrigan agar mereka dapat menikmati biskuit sebanyak yang mereka inginkan. 

Bacanya enjoy, walau sama-sama memiliki masa lalu yang pahit tapi mereka saling menguatkan satu sama lain, juga sifat kekeluargaan yang ditunjukkan Hart bersaudara membuatku gemas, iri, sekaligus bahagia. Mereka berteriak, marah, dsb, tapi tanpa diminta mereka selalu ada untukmu kapan saja kau membutuhkan. Itulah keluarga. Merry Christmas :) :)

#139 Oppa & I

Judul : Oppa & I
Penulis : Orizuka & Lia Indra Adriana
Penerbit : Penerbit Haru
Tebal Buku : 156hal
Terbit : Desember 2011
ISBN : 978-602-98325-3-2
Review :

Sejak perpisahan kedua orangtua mereka, Jae In dan Jae Kwon pun harus hidup terpisah. Fakta bahwa mereka adalah kembar tidak merubah apapun. Jae Kwon dan ayahnya kembali ke Korea dan Sandy serta Jae In tetap tinggal di Indonesia, berusaha bekerja demi mencukupi kehidupan mereka.

Lima tahun sudah lamanya mereka berpisah. Namun rasa yang dimiliki Sandy terhadap Jae Bin tak sedikitpun memudar. Tapi harga diri serta sifat kekanak-kanakkannya yang membuat ia tak mau mengakui bahwa ia tak bisa melupakan ayah dari kedua anaknya.

Dan sekarang, Jae Bin mendatangi rumah mereka, memohon rujuk pada mantan istrinya, meminta agar mereka bersedia menjalani hidup dengannya dan Jae Kwon. Selama lima tahun, Jae In memendam rasa benci kepada saudara kembarnya, Jae Kwon. Bisa-bisanya ia memilih untuk mengikuti ayahnya kembali ke Korea dan meninggalkan Jae In di Indonesia berdua dengan ibunya.

Sekembalinya mereka ke Korea, Jae In tidak mengacuhkan Jae Kwon sama sekali, dan cenderung kasar dalam bertutur kata. Padahal Jae Kwon adalah 'Oppa-nya'. Jae Kwon heran bukan main, mereka memang berpisah, tapi ia merasa selama lima tahun belakangan ini, ia selalu berinteraksi dengan Jae In via internet. Dan Jae In sangatlah manis. Tapi kenapa sekarang semuanya berubah???

Sangat suka ^-^ ceritanya mencakup semua aspek,yaitu keluarga, persahabatan, percintaan, juga cita-cita. Tambah suka karena ada dibuat sketsa-sketsa Jae In ,Jae Kwon dan teman-teman sekolah mereka, jadi bisa bayangin gimana sosok mereka sebenarnya. Ketika tahu kalau salah satu penulis ini adalah penulis favoritku Orizuka, tanpa berpikir dua kali, saya langsung memesan buku ini. Dan beruntung bisa mendapat tanda tangan kedua authors. Thanks to Bless! :* 
Walau belum pernah membaca buku karangan Lia Indra Adriana, tapi saya cukup yakin buku-bukunya juga sama menariknya dengan Oppa & I. Jadi pengen ngoleksi! :) 

Unforgettable December

Since Monday I haven't written anything, no books I read, not even comic, the truth is I was sick and need a total bedrest. It was the longest sick that I've ever experienced. T_T 

Because of this unexpected illness, I missed my classes, read no books, ate so many medicines and most of it taste bad (of course) and tell you what, I choked myself twice while consuming the medicine because the size is amazingly big ==* 

I haven't fully recovered yet, but thanks God I feel so much better now. I practically can't do anything last two days except watching tv. 

Last night my package arrived!^^ I just bought the three below,though. The five books above are belong to my friend. "Waktu Queen Dijodohkan" is recommended by my booklover family, Call me Mrs.Miracle -Debbie Macomber is translated by my close sister, Aline Tobing, and Oppa & I is written by my favorite author, Orizuka & Lia Indra Andriana. Hope I can read those three soon :) Enjoyyyy.

#137 Beastly - Alex Flinn

Title : Beastly
Author : Alex Flinn
Publisher : HarperTeen
edition language : english
Review :
Who doesn't know Kyle Kingsbury? He is a good looking guy with a wealthy Dad. 
When you are famous at school and you know that most of kids would kill to be like you, you tend to act like,"Yeah,I know women are crazy about me, or those guys must be jealous with my muscle, etc." 
That's exactly what Kyle felt. 

One day, there was a goth student named Kendra who dislike Kyle from the beginning. Since he was too arrogant and full of himself, he didn't even care how she feels when he said bad things to Kendra in front of all students at school. But then he found it will be more interesting if he can fool her to attend the party with him. And of course his intention is to humiliate her in public. 

Surprisingly, Kendra didn't seem upset. What she did next was bewitched him into a beast.
"Two petals, two years to find someone willing to look beyond your hideousness and see some good in you, something to love. If you will love her in return and if she will kiss you to prove it, the spell will be lifted, and you will be your handsome self again. If not, you'll stay a beast forever."
Nobody will love his face now. Everybody will freak out and kids will cry so bad whenever they look at him. Not that he was brave enough to show them his beast look now. His girlfriend who used to hang out with him even felt disgusted at him. His best friend felt happy when he was not around anymore. 

There is one person who probably will love him. But how to find her? How to make her fall in love with him then kiss him to break the spell? :)

I found this book is so full of meaning. I love the chat part among Beast, Frog, SilentMaid,etc. I love how Kyle totally changed himself into a new person. 
and again and again I have to say that I love the book version more than the movie. Since I watched the movie first, I recognized some parts are different and it upset me >.<

movie vers.
"You don't love someone because they are perfect. You love them in spite of the fact that they are not." - Jodi Picoult.

Monday, December 19, 2011

#138 The Naked Traveler #3

Author : Trinity
Publisher : B-First
Total Pages : 324 pages
Review :
I love how Trinity always gives us reasons to love Indonesia, particularly in the field of tourism. By reading the naked traveler series, you will know that apparently Indonesia has many beautiful places that worth visiting. But why do Indonesian people prefer to travel abroad rather than traveling in its own country? 
You will find the answer in this book :) 

Trinity mentioned Japan and Korea this time ^-^ I love both countries and eager to go there someday. And this book helps me a lot. Thanks to Trinity! :* Wondering if Trinity ever tried Jajangmyeon or Soju =D

To complete our subject for English For Hotel & Tourism, we were given a task to presentate the comparison between tourism in Indonesia and overseas, including how to get there, shopping, art and craft etc. Last week my friends presented Wakatobi and Thailand's Tiffany's Show. And to my surprise, Trinity also wrote about Wakatobi and Tiffany's show. And like Trinity said, Wakatobi is a very beautiful place! Check out this video :

Wakatobi National Park
When Trinity mentioned Great Wall of China, all of a sudden I remember of Running Man. It is my favorite Korean variety show. They went to China to complete a mission. They were divided into three groups and they had to complete the mission in order to not receive punishment which was walk until the end of the Great Wall of China. lol. One of the mission was they had to kick the shuttlecock for a specific numbers. And just like the three pictures you see below, Haha, Yeon Hee, and Gwangsoo became the first, the second and the third persons in the world to have dropped the shuttlecocks out of the Great Wall of China. LMAO.

and by the way, bukan cuma orang Indonesia yang jago ngegombal, orang bule juga pinter!
Cowok Mesir : Do you take too much sugar?
Trinity : Nope. Why?
Cowok Mesir : Because you are too sweet! lol.

Jimbaran Beach, Bali

PS : I haven't read the second book since everytime I went to bookstore, the books were out of stock. Yet I went to the same bookstore so maybe it's just the bookstore that haven't provided the new one. 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

#136 Summer's Crossing - Julie Kagawa

Title : Summer's Crossing
series : Iron Fey #3.5
Author : Julie Kagawa
Publisher : Harlequin Teen
edition language : english
Review :

This time Puck completely owns my heart. I can't say that I don't love Ash, Ash is a winter prince that  I admire so much whereas Puck is more like close friend to me as the reader. I love him for being silly, talkactive, yet so loyal to Meghan, her princess that he had protected for a very long time.

This time Puck has a chance to destroy his love rival, Ash. In fact, he has a very big chance to do that. Speaking of chances, he has never thought about that before, yet the Seelie King, Oberon whispered a sense of doubt to him.
What will he choose? Love or his ex friendship with Ash? 

I enjoy every single thing in Summer's Crossing. Knowing the fact that Ash will do anything to be with Meghan just made me love him more and more. This is how I hate about triangle love, sometime we are too confuse to choose who are going to be the last person for us because both of the guys are so charming and lovely. *well, maybe I should pretend to be Meghan's sister so one of them will at least choose me haha =D
"I was here for Meghan. Because I loved my princess and I wanted her to be happy. Even if her happiness meant she was with someone else. Even if that someone else was my arch rival. I wanted her to be happy."
That's how I love Puck

You probably want to read it so just check The Iron Fey series below here :

The Iron King ( language : English) ;
The Iron King ( language : Indonesia) (The Iron Fey #1)
The Iron Daughter  (The Iron Fey #2)
The Iron Queen (The Iron Fey #3)
The Iron Knight (The Iron Fey #4)

Winter's Passage ( Iron Fey #1.5)
Summer's Crossing (Iron Fey #3.5)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

#135 In a Class by Itself - Sandra Brown

Title : A Class by Itself
Author : Sandra Brown
Synopsis : click here (source : goodreads)
Review :
Dani Queen and Logan Webster were once a lover. They were a perfect couple until their relationship was opposed by Dani's parents. Her parents kept forced her that Logan wasn't the best for her, that he didn't have anything to give a better life for her. Dani was eighteen at that time, she was legally independent and has a right to decide her own life. But she chose to stay with her parents, moved to another city and abandoned Logan. Not that she didn't love Logan, but she was young and afraid to any possibility that could happen anytime to them.
On the other side, Logan was heartbroken, he was hurt so bad when he knew Dani left him for good. For ten years he lived in thought of her. After a decade, their school held a reunion, Logan had a chance to meet Dani again, they had missed each other for a long time but none of them want to admit it. Pride kills.
However, Logan was no longer have nothing, in fact, he worked very hard to prove to every single person who looked him down in the past that he made it now. 

Since he has almost everything right now, will her parents accept him as Dani's lover? 
Does she still loves him like before? What will he do to make Dani loves him again?

"I'm different. I've learned that life doesn't always turn out the way we want it to. Things happen. Unplanned things. Fate intervenes." 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

#134 Satsuki Sensei dan kisah-kisah lain tentang cinta dan harapan - Primadonna Angela

Judul : Satsuki Sensei dan kisah-kisah lain tentang cinta dan harapan.
Penulis : Primadonna Angela (goodreads)
Sinopsis : klik disini
Penerbit : Gramedia Pustaka Utama
Tahun terbit : 2011
Tebal buku : 216 hal.

Review :
Satsuki Sensei adalah kumpulan cerita yang ditulis oleh Primadonna Angela. Kumcer tersebut pun ditulis dengan apik sehingga setiap cerita saling berhubungan satu sama lain. Sejujurnya dalam membaca buku, saya cenderung menghindari kumcer. Kenapa ya? hmm. Mungkin karena saya lebih suka membaca suatu cerita, bukan berbagai cerita dalam satu buku. Saking jarangnya membaca kumcer, mungkin dapat dihitung dengan sepuluh jari jumlah keseluruhan kumcer yang kubaca. Walau begitu, ketika membaca kumcer Satsuki Sensei, pandanganku terhadap kumcer menjadi benar-benar berbeda sekarang.

Aku suka tulisannya, aku suka idenya, dan teramat suka pada kovernya. Jujur, sewaktu beli buku ini,aku tidak begitu memperhatikan tulisan dikiri bawah buku, "dan kisah-kisah lain tentang cinta dan harapan". Tapi tidak mengapa karena kovernya sukses membuatku jatuh cinta. Ini mungkin kover terbitan Gramedia yang paling kusuka sepanjang tahun 2011 ini. Bukan hanya kovernya yang bagus tapi juga emm.apa ya kata yang tepat, karton kah? yang jelas buku ini sangat enak sekali dipegang =DD Ketika aku membawa buku ini ke kampus ,teman-temanku juga semua memuji kovernya yang sangat bagus dan kreatif. *tambah semangat*

Isinya adalah seputar kehidupan remaja di sekolah. Walau udah bukan remaja lagi, tapi rasanya tidak akan pernah ada kata 'cukup' , atau 'bosan' dalam membaca teenlit. Well, karena Satsuki Sensei merupakan kumcer dengan sepuluh cerita, jadi kita bisa menyelami sepuluh cerita dengan kasus yang berbeda-beda. Kebanyang kan sepuluh cerita yang berbeda, berarti ada sepuluh hal yang dapat kita pelajari dari buku ini. Dan jujur baru kali saya enjoy banget baca kumcer *telat*.

Bukan hanya tentang persahabatan, cinta, dan kehidupan disekolah saja, tapi kumcer ini juga memberikan banyak life lessons buat pembaca.

Beberapa kutipan favorit saya :
"Di depan sahabat, tidak perlu berpura-pura. Di antara teman sejati, wajah aslimu tetap akan dihargai dan disayangi. Kalau kau tersandung, mereka akan mengulurkan tangan. Meski kau menampik, mereka akan menanti, sabar, memberi pertolongan kalau kau memintanya."
 "You can borrow other people's ideas and pass them as your own. But time will always tell, it will show what your true colors really are."
"Tapi kekuatan tidak ada gunanya kalau digunakan untuk kejahatan. Manfaatkan ilmu sebaik mungkin. Kadang kita harus mengalah untuk menang. Kemenangan bukanlah segalanya. Cukup dirimu yang tahu bahwa kamu itu hebat. Bukan untuk dipamerkan." 

Saturday, December 10, 2011

#133 Lullaby - Rina Suryakusuma

Title & synopsis : Lullaby
Author : Rina Suryakusuma
Her blog :
Published on December 1st 2011
Publisher : Gramedia Pustaka Utama
Review :
"Apa pun yang ia perbuat, saat itu tak akan pernah kembali lagi. Hanya saja Audy bersyukur, karena ia tahu Tuhan baik. Saat sesuatu diambil dari hidup seseorang, itu berarti Tuhan akan memberikan sesuatu yang jauh lebih baik lagi sebagai gantinya. Supaya ada tempat yang tersisa"
Audy dan Rose adalah dua gadis kembar yang tak terpisahkan. Beda dengan Rose, Audy mengidap sakit jantung yang kapan saja dapat merenggut nyawanya. Dilahirkan dengan jantung lemah membuat Audy merasa tidak berdaya dengan mendapat seluruh perhatian dari keluarganya, mama papanya, dan kedua kakaknya. Tak ada kasih sayang yang tersisa untuk saudara kembarnya,Rose.
Rose yang malang, Rose yang kesepian. . . .

Setelah sekarang kondisi jantungnya jauh lebih baik, Audy merasa sudah saatnya ia membayar kepada Rose kasih sayang dan perhatian yang sudah selayaknya ia terima sejak dulu. Maka ia pun menolak lamaran dari Mardi,orang yang selama beberapa tahun terakhir menghiasi hari-harinya. Bukan hanya sekali ia menolak lamaran tersebut, banyak pertimbangan yang membuat Audy memilih untuk berkata 'tidak'.

Mardi bukan pria kemarin sore. Walau lamarannya ditolak, dia tak pernah menyerah untuk terus mencoba membuka pintu hati Audy. Audy tahu betul Mardi sudah menempati hatinya dan itu takkan berubah. Tapi Rose juga ada dihatinya, dan ia tidak akan pernah bisa memilih diantara mereka berdua karena pilihan itu tidak pernah ada.

Di lain pihak, keluarga Audy sangat mengkhawatirkan kondisi Audy. Dan lagi-lagi Rose terabaikan. Semua hanya memikirkan Audy yang kelihatan pucat, Audy yang sedih, Audy yang ini dan itu. Pernahkah mereka berpikir tentang Rose walau sedetikpun?? Bagaimana Audy harus berupaya untuk mendekatkan Rose dengan keluarga mereka lagi jika Rose bahkan sudah menyerah dan memilih untuk diam?

Buku ini sukses membuat saya speechless dan merinding pada saat yang bersamaan. Berbeda dari buku-buku ci Rina sebelumnya, buku ini totally different dan memiliki banyak kejutan-kejutan yang hanya akan kita ketahui setelah kita membacanya. Dan dijamin semua bakal pada speechless seperti saya. And you know what? Buku yang tebal enggak menjamin kualitas dari isi suatu buku. Dan dibanding dengan buku2 lain, buku yang tergolong tipis ini sanggup dan sukses membuat saya (again and again) speechless.  Hanya satu kata yaitu SALUT kepada ci Rina karena this book is really good and it's really worth to buy and read. Highly recommended!!

 List of her books :
Rina Suryakusuma's books. ( buy, read, and appreciate it)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

#132 Touch Of Frost - Jennifer Estep

Read on December 06 to 07th, 2011
Title : Touch Of Frost ( Mythos Academy 01)
Series : Mythos Academy
Author : Jennifer Estep
Published on July 26th 2011
Publisher : Kensington Publishing Corporation
Total Pages : 350 pages
Synopsis : Touch Of Frost
Review :
"You? Felt sorry for me? You're nobody,Gypsy. You don't have any friends, and you don't belong her. You're pathetic."
"I have a name. It's Gwen Frost. I'm not nobody. And you think I'm pathetic? I'm not the girl who faked her own death just so she could get some sort of twisted revenge on her best friend. That's pathetic."
 Gwen has the ability to know, see, and feel things just by touching a person or an object. Just by touching them, she could see everything that they'd ever done, the good and the bad, even the secrets that they'd ever tried to hide. I love this girl so much because compare to other kids with gifts, she has no hulk power like Spartan, or the ability to move faster like Valkyries, yet she's so brave and didn't hesitate even just a second to used her gypsy gift to help whoever needs help eventhough most students at Mythos Academy tend to ignore her and act like she's not visible.

 The most popular Valkyries girl, Jasmine is found dead in a library close to one of the thirteen artifacts, Bowl of Tears. And Gwen be the one who found her body. When she tried to do something to help Jasmine, someone hit her on the head and she blacked out. What she knows after she awake is she needs to find the killer. Because no one seems to care about Jasmine's death, even her BBF, Morgan didn't seem to care much about her best friend being murdered. The fact is Morgan is a bit happy because finally she has free access to flirt and hook up with Jasmine's boyfriend Samson. Ugh BF n BFF sucks.

However, the killer can be anyone, the Reapers, gods, or any creatures that want to steal the Bowl of Tears and set Loki free. Loki is the bad bad guy. He was a michief god, a selfish god. He wanted to rule over the other gods, over everything , not only gods but mortals and all creatures. So, Loki is a Chaos and a treath to everyone. So, he was chained up but his followers are still trying to release him.

"So, the Reapers fought the members of the Pantheon, and the world was plunged into the Chaos War. Brother turned against brother, sister against sister, families were torn apart, slaughtered, or worse."
Everyone can be the reapers, your best friend, your boyfriend, and even your teachers. So, that's why students are taught how to fight and defend themselves. and FYI, Gwen has zero interest in gym class and she doesn't how to fight. That's why when a panther creature intended to kill her, she freaked out, yet Logan Quinn saved her life.
"Gypsy girls make for awful easy killing. Wouldn't take but just a second."
"Yeah,well, this Gypsy girl happens to have a grandma who can curse you so bad that your d*ck will turn black and fall off, so watch your step,Spartan." << i laughed so hard when I read this. LOL you better watch urself, Logan :DD
 while doing her mission to find who the killer of Jasmine is, she made friend with someone who dislike her in the first place and she is one of Jasmine's BFF as well. and what she learned from her relationship with Logan is the feeling is mutual but for some reasons, Logan can't be more than friends, at least at that time. Not to mention he has a girlfriend ald.

The end of this book is freaking nice, I found myself amused many times by the unexpected events, and finally in the end of the story, Gwen knew the reason why she was sent to Mythos Academy.

After I read the prequel of Mythos Academy (read my review here : First Frost) , I know the first book is gonna be good for sure. And tell you what? Touch of Frost had my full attention. It's super awesome and somehow I can relate this Loki bad god to you-know-who Voldemort. Can't wait to read the 2nd book Kiss of Frost.

Here is my favorite word :
"And I'd finally figured out something else,too. That the people you loved never really died, not as long as you kept your memories of them alive, not as long as they lived on in your heart."

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New Books , New Stories

After having a tiring month with doin lotsa assignments, I went to bookstore with my mom this afternoon. ^^. It's my favorite place to hang out you know, bookstore =D So, actually there are many new books at Gramedia, but I decided to buy four books first (as you can see from the pic I captured above) since those books were written by my fav authors. 

Gonna write the reviews soon after I read the books. But I'm afraid I can't read all of them until I'm free from assignment and it means i have to wait until the holiday comes. Oh Christmas I love you so freakin much!!! 

I have nothing to tell except how excited I am everytime I buy new books and the idea to visit Kinokuniya at KLCC next Januari doubled up my excitement.. Happy Reading all! :) Christmas is coming soon!

Monday, December 5, 2011

#131 First Frost ( Mythos Academy 0.5)

Status : Read on December 3rd, 2011
Title : First Frost (Mythos Academy 0.5)
Author : Jennifer Estep
Published on July 1st 2011
Publisher : Kensington Books
Synopsis : First Frost
Review :
This is a short prequel to the Mythos Academy series. It will help readers to get a better understanding before reading the first book, Touch of Frost. Gwen Frost is a Gypsy who has the gift of psychometry. She is neither a freak nor a normal teenager. FYI, Her mother and grandmother have the same gift as well, but more powerful. Her grandma get visions and her mother knows whenever someone tell lies. Ad she use her gift to help the police. However, Gwen earned extra money by helping her friends find things. With her gypsy gift, she could locate the places where the items are lost. Sounds cool,huh? =D 

Whenever she touch something, she will get a vision of the last person who hold the things, and somehow she will know whether the person has an issue over something or not. That makes her know that one of her friend has been sexually abused by her stepdad. 

Sometimes, there is a price to pay to find out the information. Gwen knows that, but she doesn't know if the price that she has to pay is losing the closest person in her life.

Then Grandma Frost decided to transfer her into Mythos Academy. It's for kids with magic. At first, she thought it will be good if there are any other Gypsies like her, but seemed like, she is the one and only Gypsy there. There are lots of kids with a different type of magics such as Vikings, Valkyries, Romans and Amazons. Different type of magics mean different gifts and powers. The statues of the greek gods can be found there as well.

With a new place to stay, new subjects to learn, and a man named Logan Quinn that seems so attractive, there the adventure of Gwen Frost begins.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

#130 Something Like Fate - Susane Colasanti

Status : read on December 2nd 2011
Title : Something Like Fate
Publisher : Viking Juvenile
Edition Language : English
Total Pages : 268pages
Review :
I love the cover. If the cover seems to give a vision about how bad the guy is, well actually in the story, the guy, here named Jason isn't a bad guy at all. So here's the thing, Lani and Erin is a best friend, they are more than best friend actually since they went to dreadful accident together that made Lani afraid so much of water, and Erin is the one who saved her life. Someone says if people went through an accident together, they are hard to be separated by then. That's what Erin and Lani's like. They are like a soul sister now.

They live in the small town where everybody knows everybody there and it means gossips can spread up so quickly like a plague. Jason, Lani, Erin and Blake went to the same school. Most of the kids thought that Erin and Blake are couple. Because they spend most of their times at school together. But eyes can fool you sometimes, Blake is actually a gay , and nobody knows about it even his grumpy Dad.

Erin and Jason are hanging out for a few times, sometimes Lani and Blake joined them. After having a few talks, Jason and Lani found out so many similarities between two of them. And they become more comfortable to each other. Too bad Jason has been in a relationship with Erin. And Lani knows pretty well that she needs to hide and burn her feelings (If possible) to Jason because Jason is Erin's now and she wouldn't want to risk their friendship ruined over a relationship.

But what if you have tried so hard yet the feeling is still there? 

It scared Lani how her feelings can betray her. She wants to forget about Jason and try to live a normal life. But the more she tried to forget, the more she knows that it's impossible to do it.

Is the guy really worth the risk?

I think you should read it by yourself to find out, but I can tell that there is a twist of fate in this story. And from it, you will learn many things. What I love from this book is the way Lani against her fears. It doesn't matter how many times she tried and failed, most important is she kept trying and never gave up even once. Two thumbs up for the courage and spirit. 

There's another guy named Connor and I love him more than Jason because he was so kind, funny and cute. And tell you the truth, he's a friend to share the joys and sorrow. How i wish he can replaced Jason's place in Lani's heart. (⌣́_⌣̀) 

Well, it's a light reading and fun as well. I enjoyed every single words and this book surprise me by showing the fact that how words can be so hurtful especially when your closest persons are the one who said it out. Yet it taught me many life lessons particularly the importance of saying the truth instead of hiding it until it blows up. 

That's what I love in reading. Reading one book to another book means we travel someone's life, learned anything about the way they struggle, get through things, move on , etc. Grow up doesn't always need years. It needs time of course, yet reading books will help you get to know a lot better about the needs to be thankful for everything. 
Books are your windows to the world. 
Mom knows I am a big spender if it comes to books. But she never asked me to stop buying books even once. (1) She knows it's just a useless thing. (2) She loves the way books made me look more mature in facing things in my real life. 
My favorite words :
One thing I've learned about boys? Is that when they ask if you have a boyfriend (or they say that you have one, so you either end up confirming that you do or you don't) , it means they're interested in you and they're trying to find out if you're available. 
 Why can't everyone understand that we're all human different but the same? 
This just proves how quickly your life can be destroyed. Even when you think things couldn't possibly get any worse.
It's scary how powerful hate can be.
You can't ever know the real anybody unless you're friends with them. And sometimes not even then.