Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New Books , New Stories

After having a tiring month with doin lotsa assignments, I went to bookstore with my mom this afternoon. ^^. It's my favorite place to hang out you know, bookstore =D So, actually there are many new books at Gramedia, but I decided to buy four books first (as you can see from the pic I captured above) since those books were written by my fav authors. 

Gonna write the reviews soon after I read the books. But I'm afraid I can't read all of them until I'm free from assignment and it means i have to wait until the holiday comes. Oh Christmas I love you so freakin much!!! 

I have nothing to tell except how excited I am everytime I buy new books and the idea to visit Kinokuniya at KLCC next Januari doubled up my excitement.. Happy Reading all! :) Christmas is coming soon!


  1. Okay, so that's you first four books in this month to be one of 'timbunan'? *sorry, i can't find the word suitable for 'timbunan' yet*

  2. lol. so did I.
    actually those are the 2nd, coz I asked my sis to buy some books from Bookfair last few days :D