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Halo readers, let me introduce myself to you. . . . . .

My name is Rose Mary. I'm Indonesian and reading is my passion.
I am currently working as a banking customer service and besides reading,
serving is my passion too.

I got a lot of positive messages through reading. So I created this blog and
write my own reviews so that everyone who comes here will be able
to read what's on my mind. I hope I can deliver positive messages to all of you too.

And if you think you have a book that will interest me into reading it, just tell me,
or send me the book. I will definitely read and review it here on my blog.
I might not always open my blog to read the comments, so you can contact me thru :
Email :
Instagram : @ocemei
Facebook : Rose Mary

Thank you so much for your attention,
I really appreciate if you can leave positive comments
and tell me what is your favorite book all the time
(I know it's hard to decide, but it won't hurt if you try to sort it out :D)

Peace and Love

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