Sunday, April 7, 2013

Bought : The Greek's Baby - Jennie Lucas

Title : Bought : The Greek's Baby
Author : Jennie Lucas
Publication Date : 2010
Synopsis :
American beauty Eve Craig fell under the spell of powerful Talos Xenakis in a hot-blooded Athens encounter....Three months later Eve has lost her innocence--and her memory But she has aroused Talos's desire and his anger--she has betrayed him. So what better way to punish the woman who nearly ruined him, than marry--and destroy--her? Only she's now carrying his love-child.

Review :

The book begins well and has a very interesting story behind it. It is more complicated than I thought. Both hero and heroine wanted revenge. Talos refused to call it revenge, instead he named it justice. He had spent great months with Eve before she ran away from him without leaving any sign that she would come back. Talos couldn't sleep and eat well since then. He plans to track her down. When he finally found Eve, he wants nothing but revenge justice. But then he finds out that Eve is pregnant and she is involved in a minor car accident and has amnesia. Eve is no longer cold-hearted, big spender, or party girl. Amnesia has made her become someone new, someone who is pure of heart.

Revenge, betrayal, lies, secrets. Will it all remain the same?

This book absolutely worth five stars. I love Talos even though he scares me a little bit in the beginning with his possessive behavior and bad intention to Eve. But it's acceptable and understandable considering how he felt cheated and betrayed by his own lover, not to mention how perfect Eve is. Eve, on the other side, is a poor little thing. She grew up with one purpose which is none other than take a revenge.

I like the story line. It isn't always sweet, sometimes bitter and twisted, but love always finds a way. Everyone deserves a second chance. And so do both of them. 

Rating : 5/5


  1. Awal baca sinopsisnya, aku pesimis, mei.
    Tapi dari reviewmu kayaknya bagus. Eng...ada ebooknya? bagi dong #eaaa #ujungujungnyamintaebook X)