Saturday, February 26, 2011

Angel's Blood by Nalini Singh

I've written a review on Goodreads about this, but I'd like to share again to everyone who might see my blog. You guys can also find me on GR just by clicking this link >> Don't hesitate to add me and leave some comment to my friend comment below my profile. Bunch of thanks,anyway.

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Angel's Blood is the most fascinating story ever!!! Thanks to the writer who made a very remarkable story like this. I'm expecting more for the second book of #GuildHunter. *grin* Btw, thanks to tanteku Ren for your recommendation, blow you bunch of kiss :* :* ^-^

I heard this series will be published soon by Dastan. *so much thanks and relieve* hope the translation will be good and we can still enjoy reading it :) :)

I'm gonna write a short of things in this Angel's Blood. Well, to be honest this is the first time in my lifetime I read a book which has Archangels, Angels, Vampires, and Guild Hunters(humans) in one package. If most books that I've read were about vampires always have the most powerful force, then It's different in this book series. The highest hierarchy held by Archangels go to Angels and Vampires then the last was human. And Raphael was one of the Archangels, the most powerful creature in the world. He had the task to protect the world, there he found one of the Archangels betrayed them and hunted human and vampires. Then he asked one of the Guild Hunter to do a job for him. She is Elena. she was chosen because she could sniff a vampire. During the time when they tried to knock Uram (the betrayer) down, they realized that it's not merely a job to be done, there's something more than that. LOL
I really like Raphael and Elena. They're perfect couple and I really wish they can keep it up until the end of the series. *beg you,my dearest author* :D

Why I give five stars for this book?

1. I love the story, the idea is so incredible :)
2. It's not only about love and kick-somebody-ass-off,
but also told about loyalty ( The Seven )
3. In here, you will learn that true love never dies.
You will know why as soon as you read it :)

In the end, I wanna say thanks again to tanteku Ren hihihi, I love to mention you tan :D please don't get bored okayy :*
And I'd like to recommend it to all of you ^-^

Here and the second and third book of Guild Hunter series by Nalini Singh.
Archangel's kiss #Guildhunter02


Archangel's Consort #Guildhunter03

The series will not end up with only three books. *thanks to God* :D There are still another three books of Guild Hunter series to be written for this year and the year ahead. So, you still have time to read the first and  two other books while you await three other books to be published soon :)