Saturday, December 31, 2011

One Happy Day

Me and my best friend, ci Maggie went to Optik Metro today. I had a package to take and we both were craving for bakso Simas which is located beside Medan Plaza. so together with ci Magg and ci Wili, we went to Simas, to have a late lunch , chit-chat and taste the delicious pudding =D

The package that I mentioned before was given by my friend, ci Eka aka tacie as a new year gift ^^v
and since I read mba Mia's review about Nineteen Minutes - Jodi Picoult
( you can read it here :,
I've really wanted to buy the book and read it. And I guess 2012 will be a good year to start the reading.

the gift is on the left side.
Tempted (House of Night #6) - P.C.Cast, Kristin Cast
Nineteen Minutes - Jodi Picoult

To Catch a Prince - Gillian McKnight
To Catch a Prince - Gillian McKnight.
Last time I said that I want to buy a book or two in the end of the year as an appreciation for myself for  what I had achieved in this year. So, I went to Times Bookstore and bought To Catch a Prince. I love the cover and the synopsis seems promising. Everytime I went to bookstores, it's hard not to buy any. Actually there are two more books that I want to buy, Thirteen Reasons Why and Shatter Me. But after some consideration, I decided to buy this one first. I believe others can wait :)

We didn't stop book-shopping there, and since there is no Gramedia in Medan Fair, we went to Karisma. Apparently, they held a sale clearance and the book prices are about Rp.10.000,00 to Rp.15.000,00. At first, we didn't intend to buy at all, *you guys have to trust me!!*, but in the end, my hand betrayed me and grabbed six books that you can see below.

1. Gangway : Let Me Begin ; Mendadak Benjut - Boim Lebon
2. Kartu Kedua Belas (The Twelfth Card) - Jeffery Deaver
3.Penyelamatan Yang Sia-Sia (Saving Fish From Drowing) - Amy Tan
4.A Brother's Journey : Bertahan Dari Siksaan Masa Kecil - Richard B.Pelzer
5.Weedflower (Bunga Liar) - Cynthia Kadohata
6.Reinkarnasi - Lan Fang

I feel guilty actually. But consider the cheap prices for the six books I bought today, the guilt is suddenly disappeared. >.< Well, like Frank Zappa said,"So many books, so little time." You read a book, you bought three as a replacement, so the question is when exactly will we stop reading? The answer is quite obvious I guess,"Never."

PS : I had a great day with mamak Maggie, it was such a pleasure to spend a day with her.^^ Hope Ci San, Ci Aline ,Ci Yun,etc can join us on the next gath.

Happy Reading!~

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