Sunday, November 23, 2014

Limitless : Devotions for a Ridiculously Good Life - Nick Vujicic

Title : Limitless : Devotions for a Ridiculously Good Life
Author : Nick Vujicic
Published on : April 2nd 2013
Publisher : WaterbrookPress
Synopsis : Limitless
Stars : 5 out of 5
Review :

First of all, I'd like to say welcome back to myself. It's been a long time since the last time I blogged. I've been missing this moment like crazy and here I am, typing enthusiastically and ready to share everything here #nospoilerintended :)

So I went to Popular bookstore in Penang last two weeks and wandering around. Then I walked to the best seller shelf and saw Nick Vujicic’s book titled Limitless. The book itself isn’t thick so I thought I could carry it around inside my bag. When I returned to the hotel where I stayed, I began reading that book. And to my surprise, Nick’s words have moved and driven me. How can someone be so positive when he has so much to think the otherwise? That’s what I want to learn from him.

When I was young, I often asked myself, what is my talent? My friends are good at singing, dancing, etc. but what am I good at? I’m average in everything. I often think that I’m not valuable enough because I have nothing to be proud of. But then I realize why do I look so low about myself? If I’m not cheering my own self, telling that I’m good, then who else will?

I realize that no one is perfect and so am I. I don’t have to be good at singing or math to be known. I just need to be myself. Be proud of every positive thing that I’ve done to other people and be happy each day. Carpe diem. Now I understand that the greatest happiness to me is seeing other people happy. So, if you are happy, then so am I.  

“It won’t matter how much money I’ve made or how many nice cars I’ve owned. What will matter is that I’ve reached out to someone and served a purpose greater than my own. “ pg 159

Nick’s story has taught me many things. It opens my mind and my heart to the next level of living my life to the fullest. I really love everything about him. He gives positive vibes to the readers based on his stories and his beliefs. And I really believe him when he said that what he was saying in his books is all true. It’s always easier said than done, of course. But Nick did not just say it, but he had gone through it. So there is no doubt at all. Not even a sec.

Honestly, I feel ashamed for what I can’t do but Nick can. He can swim, cook, and even surfing. Can you imagine how cool is that? He doesn’t spend a day without trying a new thing. When he tried and failed, he didn’t quit. Instead, he kept trying. That’s what I love about him, his super powerful courage.

We always get to choose. We just don’t always know about it. For every day that passed, when we woke up, we can choose what do we want to do, what do we want to wear, etc. Most importantly, we get to choose either we want to be happy for a new day that God gives to us, or be sad and worry about anything that hasn’t come yet.

I read his biography and know that his life at his young age was not easy. He ever attempted to suicide by drowning himself at the bathtub for several times because he felt that life wasn’t fair to him. He often prayed to God and wished that when he woke up in the morning, God would give him arms and legs. But that pray never come to him. He was also being picked on at school for being different than other kids his age. Who’s fault was that? There is no medical reason for Nick being born without arms and legs. So one day, Nick woke up and realized that even though he is born without limbs, it doesn’t mean he can’t be happy and enjoy his life. He began to accept himself, and by the love of his parents and family, he can overcome his fear and change his upset into gratitude. It's an amazing attitude. 

“If God can take someone like me, someone without arms and legs and use me as His hands and feet, he can use anybody.  It’s not about ability. The only thing God needs from you is a willing heart.”

I am really looking forward to any event that put him as the public speaker. I would like to see him by myself, listening to his speaking and hug him tightly for being such a great person for everyone.

Thank you Nick. You are the coolest person that I’ve known for my entire life.