Friday, December 23, 2011

Unforgettable December

Since Monday I haven't written anything, no books I read, not even comic, the truth is I was sick and need a total bedrest. It was the longest sick that I've ever experienced. T_T 

Because of this unexpected illness, I missed my classes, read no books, ate so many medicines and most of it taste bad (of course) and tell you what, I choked myself twice while consuming the medicine because the size is amazingly big ==* 

I haven't fully recovered yet, but thanks God I feel so much better now. I practically can't do anything last two days except watching tv. 

Last night my package arrived!^^ I just bought the three below,though. The five books above are belong to my friend. "Waktu Queen Dijodohkan" is recommended by my booklover family, Call me Mrs.Miracle -Debbie Macomber is translated by my close sister, Aline Tobing, and Oppa & I is written by my favorite author, Orizuka & Lia Indra Andriana. Hope I can read those three soon :) Enjoyyyy.


  1. Wah, kalo lu dah sls baca, Mak bakalan bawa karung ke rumahmu pinjam yg novel2 lokalmu lo...

  2. punya w cuma yang tiga bawah itu aja mak hehe

  3. Kyaaaa... aku di-mention di post yg ini.. *joget2 ga tau malu muahahahahaha..

  4. wakakaka lg bayangin kalo ci aline joget beneran :p :p

  5. Hanya terjadi di dunia maya jogetnya Mei hihihi.. eh, aku iseng buat blog jg, klo sempat mampir yo, kasih tau apa yg kurang soalnya msh pemula nih *malu ;p

  6. blog buku bukan ci?hehe
    kalo iya kan bisa masuk BBI ^^