Friday, December 23, 2011

#137 Beastly - Alex Flinn

Title : Beastly
Author : Alex Flinn
Publisher : HarperTeen
edition language : english
Review :
Who doesn't know Kyle Kingsbury? He is a good looking guy with a wealthy Dad. 
When you are famous at school and you know that most of kids would kill to be like you, you tend to act like,"Yeah,I know women are crazy about me, or those guys must be jealous with my muscle, etc." 
That's exactly what Kyle felt. 

One day, there was a goth student named Kendra who dislike Kyle from the beginning. Since he was too arrogant and full of himself, he didn't even care how she feels when he said bad things to Kendra in front of all students at school. But then he found it will be more interesting if he can fool her to attend the party with him. And of course his intention is to humiliate her in public. 

Surprisingly, Kendra didn't seem upset. What she did next was bewitched him into a beast.
"Two petals, two years to find someone willing to look beyond your hideousness and see some good in you, something to love. If you will love her in return and if she will kiss you to prove it, the spell will be lifted, and you will be your handsome self again. If not, you'll stay a beast forever."
Nobody will love his face now. Everybody will freak out and kids will cry so bad whenever they look at him. Not that he was brave enough to show them his beast look now. His girlfriend who used to hang out with him even felt disgusted at him. His best friend felt happy when he was not around anymore. 

There is one person who probably will love him. But how to find her? How to make her fall in love with him then kiss him to break the spell? :)

I found this book is so full of meaning. I love the chat part among Beast, Frog, SilentMaid,etc. I love how Kyle totally changed himself into a new person. 
and again and again I have to say that I love the book version more than the movie. Since I watched the movie first, I recognized some parts are different and it upset me >.<

movie vers.
"You don't love someone because they are perfect. You love them in spite of the fact that they are not." - Jodi Picoult.


  1. Terus Kyle nya jatuh cinta sama Kendra apa gimana mei ? *loh kok minta spoiler* hehe :D

  2. haha. jd mau di spoi kah? :p
    Kendra cuma jadi witch gt, nanti dia yg ngasi semangat ke Kyle buat gak nyerah nyari ce yg betul2 suka ma dia dengan kondisinya sebagai Beast.

    nanti ada cewek namanya Linda,dia suka ma Kyle, tp pas Kyle masi cakep. nah Kyle percaya kalo Linda itu cewek yg tepat buat dia. *the end of spoi* hehe