Wednesday, December 28, 2011

#141 Epic Fail - Claire LaZebnik

Title : Epic Fail
Author : Claire LaZebnik
Publisher : HarperTeen
Total Pages : 288pages
edition language : english
Review :
New school ,new teachers, and new friends. Elise and her sisters, Juliana, Layla, and Kaitlyn have to blend in with all of them. Being a new student make you a bit worry if you will get the right person to be your friend or not. Some are just being nice, some are really care, and the rests don't even put an attention.
and you will be more worried if your mother is a new principal there, and your dad is a teacher there as well.

Elise doesn't feel ashamed of them. No, she doesn't at all. What she really worried about is what if when people begin to notice it, they don't want to be friends anymore with her. I can tell that the worries is unreasonable. If your friends can't accept for who you are then it is clear that they don't deserve to be your friends. As simple as that.

To know that your new school is full of actress and actors' sons and daughters make you look small. Elise feels like want to hide forever when Derek, the movie stars' son sit at the same table with her at lunch time.
Derek is a good-looking and well-educated guy. And he is friends with Chase, Juliana's new crush.
Born as the son of movie stars makes you live a different life from most children. All people want to be friends with Derek, talk with him, and act like they had known Derek for a long time, and it was very irritating for him.

Elise is the first person who doesn't look him in that way. But their relationship is a bit rocky in the beginning because of some arguments. But what kind of relationship that has no arguments at all? =D that's a very sweet of them. 

I love how Elise defend her parents when her friends mock them, and even when Derek accidentally share a bad thought of her mom, she doesn't hesitate to mad at him. Means the girl has a self-control of herself, not like the other girls who will pretend not to hear it, or the worse is participate in the conversation just to get their attention. What a fool.

I have two persons that are so obnoxious and definitely need a slap in the butt and face in this book. You will know soon after you read the first chapter. It isn't hard to notice,though.

Some people say this is a modern pride and prejudice, but poor me, I haven't read pride and prejudice yet T_T the fact that i'm majoring english literature doesn't make me all of a sudden read the book. Hope I'll find some time to read it. Note to myself : I need to read more about literature books. Not that I don't own it, but I haven't found the courage.

Last but not least, i love this book and it's definitely worth to read.


  1. sepertinya menarik tapi sayang buku impor T.T
    englishku pas-pasan >.<
    ini ada terjemahannya gak?

  2. belum ada ni.hehe
    baca aja, english ku juga pas-pasan. tapi gak menghalangi buat baca buku inggris.hehe.
    malah makin semangat. the more we read, the more we know about things =D *semangat^^

  3. Mampir ah ke blog-nya mei..
    Buku yang ini aku suka.. Bacaan ringan di saat senggang..

  4. Wahh ci Saeeee ^^
    kok bsa mampir kesini? hhe
    iah aku jg suka buku ini, ringan n fun banget =D