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Stone Cold Touch (The Dark Elements #2) - Jennifer L Armentrout

Title : Stone Cold Touch
Author : Jennifer L. Armentrout
Series : The Dark Element
Date of Publication ; Oct 21th, 2014
Synopsis : Stone Cold Touch
Review :

Roth was missing, probably gone forever to Hell and Layla was dying inside. When Roth suddenly popped up in Abbot's house, Layla was more than happy to welcome him back. But Abbot and the others, especially Zayne were opposing their relationship. It turned that Roth messed up with Layla's feeling and turned his back on her. I've been a fan of Roth in White Hot Kiss, but he is such an ass in this second book. 

I guess there is something on the title that we can think about. Stone Cold Touch - Stone - Stony (nickname Roth called Zayne), Stone - Warden. So I think it's probably talked more about Zayne. Whereas White Hot Kiss was more about Roth. I don't if it's true, but i'm glad Jennifer give a chance to Zayne to stand out. He deserves it. 

While it's not a news anymore that Layla's kiss could kill a soul. She is rare and unique, half Demon and half Warden. And she has a huge crush on Zayne. It's such a torture for her for not being able to kiss someone she loved and admired for a long time. Zayne is a big NO for her. Because no matter how much she like him, she wants him to stay alive. But he is starting to give hopes for her, so how long can she deny it? 
"I know you cared about him," Zayne said, threading his fingers through mine. "But don't forget about me. I'm here for you. I always will be."
You know, time never turn back, people change, but memories never fade away.I remember Abbot, Zayne's father was a good man. He was like a father that Layla could ever asked for. I myself liked him. But he was so different now. Full of hatred and anger towards Layla. School itself wasn't the same anymore. People starting to get hurt and there is a big fat chance that Lilin is the reason behind all of this chaos. While Abbot think it's all Layla's fault. 

How can a father and his son be so different? Zayne is all sweet and lovable while Abbot is now evil and cruel.
"I know this isn't easy. Nothing between us will be easy and I know you have a lot of fears. I don't want to push you or push this, because I know... I know you still care about him - about Roth."

How Zayne can be so understanding is beyond my comprehension. Stone Cold Touch has more intensity, very adventurous and highly mysterious. 

I'm a fan of the love triangle. Although it gave me headache sometimes, but Jennifer has successfully created a great romance among three of them. I've always liked the bad boy kind of guy, but Zayne just took my heart away. It's 1-1 for Zayne and Roth. Can't wait to see what will be happened in the third book. 

Stone Cold Touch personally taught us to love ourselves more. Never look down on yourself and always remember that you are braver than you believe and stronger than you think. 

"I don't deserve you."
"See, that's where you're wrong. That's where you've always been wrong. You deserve everything."

Book 1 : White Hot Kiss

White Hot Kiss (The Dark Element #1) - Jennifer L. Armentrout

Title : White Hot Kiss (The Dark Element #1)
Series : The Dark Element Series
Author : Jennifer L Armentrout
Synopsis : White Hot Kiss
Read : Bitter Sweet Love (The Dark Element #0.5)
Review :
“That’s the funny thing about denial. It makes for a really bad weapon. You can say you’re not attracted to me all you want and maybe you don’t even know it yet, but I know differently.”
This book had caught my intention long before it released. Why? Because Jennifer L Armentrout is the one behind this and I have no doubt at all that this book will be as good as Lux series. I think everything that comes from her hand will turn out into a masterpiece. Yes, she is that good. Never doubt it. I’ve read the novella, Bitter Sweet Love and got a sneak peak for White Hot Kiss Chapter 1. I just can’t tell how much I like it. I’ve itched to read this book and was immediately engaged with it, so it really worth the wait.

Reading the novella first gave me a better explanation of everything, such as what is warden, why they are enemies with demon, etc. The novella's review is up below, you just need to click the link. 
White Hot Kiss is the story about Layla, who is half Warden and half Demon. She was born and raised by Abott, the clan of Warden. If you think it is kind of awesome, no it is not. Being half Warden and half Demon doesn’t make her a kick ass Warden like the others. In fact, she is just like another human with the benefits of being able to tag demons which advantageous for the Warden. Unfortunately, one kiss of her will kiss a soul, including Zayne’s, the one she has a crush on.

Most people will avoid Layla and just a few who cares about her. Well who doesn’t scare of her when she could kill a soul with only one kiss. The fact that she is a half-demon had already tensed them.She turns seventeen and all of a sudden every demon is looking for her. Everyone including Roth, and Upper Level Demon who has so much interest with her. 

I’m on Roth team for sure. Zayne is incredibly sweet and kind but he is nothing like Roth, the cocky and smart-ass guy. I like guys who are straightforward when it comes to theirs feelings, so seeing how Zayne keeps her feelings all by himself, I wanted to kick him so bad. Whereas, Roth is all the opposite.Both Layla and Roth have similarities that made Layla trusted him more than anyone she has known for her entire life, including Zayne.

This book deserves a big fat five stars. What I love about Jennifer is that, she always creates strong heroines who don’t give up on anything easily. Although Layla’s ability is limited, she never once thought to surrender.also kinda have a love and hate relationship with the idea of love triangle. I like it when two persons try to fight for one girl. But I hate it because eventually someone has to get hurt. 

Anyways, I still like the book though. It's a big fat five stars.

Book 2 : Stone Cold Touch

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In a Blue Moon - Ilana Tan

Judul : In a Blue Moon
Penulis : Ilana Tan
Penerbit : Gramedia Pustaka Utama
Tahun : 2015
Tebal : 320hal
Sinopsis : In a Blue Moon
Review : 

"Kau mungkin tidak sempurna, tapi kau sempurna untukku." - Lucas Ford.

Dan akupun meleleh~~ Kalau aku jadi Sophie, mungkin aku akan langsung berkata," Nikahi adek bangggg~~ Adek siap jadi bini abanggg~~ but well, Sophie tentu tidak akan bersikap seperti itu :D

Cerita ini digambarkan dengan begitu baik oleh Ilana Tan. Aku tak pernah sekalipun ragu dengan penulis satu ini. Singkatnya Sophie punya masa lalu buruk karena Lucas Ford. Ketika dewasa, mereka kembali dipertemukan dan bahkan diisyaratkan untuk bertunangan. Sophie membencinya. Lucas yang sadar akan hal itu pun berusaha untuk memperbaiki kesalahannya di masa lalu dan berupaya untuk memenangkan hati Sophie. 

"Dengar, anak laki - laki yang dulu membuat hidupmu susah memang aku. Tapi orang yang tadi kau lihat di dalam sana itu juga aku. Manusia bisa berubah, Sophie." hal 79

Bukan hanya Sophie yang tersentak mendengar pernyataan itu, tapi aku juga. Ya, seiring dengan berjalannya waktu, setiap orang pasti berubah. Entah itu berubah dari positif menjadi negatif, atau berubah dari yang baik menjadi lebih baik lagi. Dari sudut pandang Sophie, Lucas digambarkan sebagai lelaki penakut yang lebih memilih untuk menyelamatkan diri sendiri dengan cara ikut membully orang - orang disekitarnya. Akan tetapi seiring dengan berlalunya waktu, Lucas berubah menjadi sosok yang independen, ramah, dan penyayang. 

Ia mungkin melakukan kesalahan di masa lalu, tapi dia hadir di masa kini untuk memperbaiki semuanya. Well, siapa yang tidak pernah melakukan kesalahan? Ketika kau salah dan kau tahu kesalahanmu dan berniat memperbaiki semuanya, kau sudah satu langkah lebih baik dari dirimu yang sebelumnya. 

Ilana Tan sukses menciptakan tokoh Lucas. Bagiku pribadi, ia tipe pria idaman setiap wanita. Gimana nggak? Dia bisa masak, punya restoran sendiri, tampan dan menarik. Semua wanita pasti mendambakan sosok seperti itu. Hanya saja terkadang muncul keinginan kecil untuk menyentil telinga Lucas untuk menyadarkannya bahwa sebagai seorang laki - laki, ia harus lebih tegas.  

Salah satu yang aku suka dari hubungan benci namun cinta ini adalah romancenya yang pas dan tidak berlebihan . Hubungan ini terasa dewasa, matang, dan keduanya saling percaya. Aku rasa itu yang paling penting dalam suatu hubungan. Lucas tampan, tapi sifatnya yang membuatku lebih dari sekedar suka kepadaya. 

Untuk tema, alur dan setting, aku tidak terlalu ingin membahasnya. Bagiku semuanya tidak lagi menjadi soal jika penulis mampu menciptakan tokoh yang baik dan cerita yang menakjubkan. Aku tipe orang yang susah move on dari buku bagus. Walaupun sudah selesai membacanya, aku akan terus membicarakannya sepanjang waktu. Buku ini salah satunya. :)

Bintang : 
5 dari 5