Thursday, December 15, 2011

#136 Summer's Crossing - Julie Kagawa

Title : Summer's Crossing
series : Iron Fey #3.5
Author : Julie Kagawa
Publisher : Harlequin Teen
edition language : english
Review :

This time Puck completely owns my heart. I can't say that I don't love Ash, Ash is a winter prince that  I admire so much whereas Puck is more like close friend to me as the reader. I love him for being silly, talkactive, yet so loyal to Meghan, her princess that he had protected for a very long time.

This time Puck has a chance to destroy his love rival, Ash. In fact, he has a very big chance to do that. Speaking of chances, he has never thought about that before, yet the Seelie King, Oberon whispered a sense of doubt to him.
What will he choose? Love or his ex friendship with Ash? 

I enjoy every single thing in Summer's Crossing. Knowing the fact that Ash will do anything to be with Meghan just made me love him more and more. This is how I hate about triangle love, sometime we are too confuse to choose who are going to be the last person for us because both of the guys are so charming and lovely. *well, maybe I should pretend to be Meghan's sister so one of them will at least choose me haha =D
"I was here for Meghan. Because I loved my princess and I wanted her to be happy. Even if her happiness meant she was with someone else. Even if that someone else was my arch rival. I wanted her to be happy."
That's how I love Puck

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  1. I haven't read any of this series yet. I want to, but yeah, excuses will always be excuses. hahaha.. I heard a lot of Puck and Ash, and I wonder are they kinda like Edward and Jacob in twilight?

  2. I think it's different from Edward n Jacob in twilight. coz you know, at first Ash didn't really like Meghan and Puck had been friends with her for ages yet she doesn't have any feeling for him except friendship.

    so far, what I get is Meghan loves Ash only, and left Puck no choice except accept her choice. *but yeah it sounds like twilight in some parts lol.

    you should read it,though :) I read the first and second and felt like watching Alice in Wonderland,sth like that :D

  3. alice in wonderland How could that be?? I've watch the movie and I am not sure I like it. :|

    Do you read the Indonesian or English edition?

  4. sort of. esp when Meghan entered the Nevernever (fey's realm), because she was born in human place, and do you remember the fat cat in AIW? it was here too lol. the cat names Grimalkin.
    but trust me it's way more fun and nice than AIW. in fact it's not that same, just part of the cat,tho.

    I read the Indonesian edition for the first book, n started to read the english edition for the second. haven't read the third n fourth >.<

  5. Aku baru denger ada Harlequeen Teen disini. Serius. Haha.

    Kenapa bisa ada seri Iron Fey #1.5 dan #3.5 ya? Semacam side story kah?

    Daaan... apakah seri iron Fey bagus? Kamu punya reviewnyaa?

  6. wahaha iyah ada. rare thing.
    kalau ga salah itu dari ebook publisher gitu.

    semacam prequel gitu sepertinya. Iron Fey bagus beb :)
    review buku pertama The Iron King versi bahasa indonesia :

  7. baru baca buku yg pertama :(, lanjutannya cepat terbit dong (yg versi indo, hehehe)

  8. di gramedia dijual ga?