Monday, December 19, 2011

#138 The Naked Traveler #3

Author : Trinity
Publisher : B-First
Total Pages : 324 pages
Review :
I love how Trinity always gives us reasons to love Indonesia, particularly in the field of tourism. By reading the naked traveler series, you will know that apparently Indonesia has many beautiful places that worth visiting. But why do Indonesian people prefer to travel abroad rather than traveling in its own country? 
You will find the answer in this book :) 

Trinity mentioned Japan and Korea this time ^-^ I love both countries and eager to go there someday. And this book helps me a lot. Thanks to Trinity! :* Wondering if Trinity ever tried Jajangmyeon or Soju =D

To complete our subject for English For Hotel & Tourism, we were given a task to presentate the comparison between tourism in Indonesia and overseas, including how to get there, shopping, art and craft etc. Last week my friends presented Wakatobi and Thailand's Tiffany's Show. And to my surprise, Trinity also wrote about Wakatobi and Tiffany's show. And like Trinity said, Wakatobi is a very beautiful place! Check out this video :

Wakatobi National Park
When Trinity mentioned Great Wall of China, all of a sudden I remember of Running Man. It is my favorite Korean variety show. They went to China to complete a mission. They were divided into three groups and they had to complete the mission in order to not receive punishment which was walk until the end of the Great Wall of China. lol. One of the mission was they had to kick the shuttlecock for a specific numbers. And just like the three pictures you see below, Haha, Yeon Hee, and Gwangsoo became the first, the second and the third persons in the world to have dropped the shuttlecocks out of the Great Wall of China. LMAO.

and by the way, bukan cuma orang Indonesia yang jago ngegombal, orang bule juga pinter!
Cowok Mesir : Do you take too much sugar?
Trinity : Nope. Why?
Cowok Mesir : Because you are too sweet! lol.

Jimbaran Beach, Bali

PS : I haven't read the second book since everytime I went to bookstore, the books were out of stock. Yet I went to the same bookstore so maybe it's just the bookstore that haven't provided the new one. 

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