Saturday, September 28, 2013

Runaway Ran - Mia Arsjad

Judul : Runaway Ran
Penulis : Mia Arsjad
Penerbit : Gramedia Pustaka Utama
Tahun : 2013
Tebal : 368 hal
Sinopsis : Runaway Ran
Review : 
Katrina selama ini selalu hidup berkecukupan, bahkan boleh dikatakan berlebihan. Setelah lulus S1, Katrina yang masih belum mau melepas masa - masa senangnya bersantai ria tanpa bekerja memutuskan untuk melanjutkan kuliah S2. Karena selalu mendapatkan suntikan dana dari orangtuanya, Katrina yang hobinya sehari - hari adalah berbelaja online tidak pernah menemukan kendala pada hobinya tersebut. Tidak sebelum ia mendapati bahwa ayahnya akan segera pensiun dini. 

Itu berarti Katrina sudah tidak bisa dengan bebasnya berbelanja online lagi. Tapi bagimana lagi? Jika orang lain tergila - gila dengan drugs atau free sex, Katrina tak bisa hidup tanpa online shopping. Satu - satunya cara untuk tetap bisa berbelanja adalah Katrina harus mencari kerja paruh waktu. 

Dengan bantuan temannya Alya, akhirnya Katrina mendapatkan pekerjaan menjadi asisten seorang komikus terkenal bernama J.F.Ran. Gajinya memang sangat memuaskan untuk ukuran part time job. Tapi belum genap sebulan Katrina bekerja, ia harus dipusingkan dengan watak bosnya yang jutek dan judes bukan main. Belum lagi setiap hari ia harus di hina-dina oleh pacarnya Ran, Viana yang posesifnya kelewat batas. Kira - kira Katrina tahan nggak yah bekerja dengan Ran?

Overall, enjoy banget baca buku ini. Well, kapan sih nggak enjoy baca bukunya Mia Arsjad? Dia salah satu penulis Indonesia yang aku suka cara nulisnya. Kalau diibaratkan sifat seseorang, mungkin cara menulis mbak Mia bisa dikategorikan easy going, sangat santai dan menghibur. Perihal ending yang dikatakan kurang pas, entah kenapa aku tidak setuju. Bagiku ending dan semua pelaksanaannya sudah bagus dan maksimal.

Moral lesson + kesimpulan : 
1. Balas dendam tidak akan membuat kita menjadi orang yang lebih baik dari mereka yang buruk sifatnya. Keinginan untuk melihat mereka menderita dan sengsara akibat dendam kita hanya akan menunjukkan bahwa kita bahkan lebih buruk dan rendah dari mereka. 

2. Cinta itu bukanlah busway. Kita nggak pernah tahu kapan jadwal kedatangannya, jadi kita nggak punya waktu untuk mempersiapkan hati kita. Cinta selalu datang dengan tiba - tiba. Kadang cinta itu datang dan menetap, kadang pula ia hanya singgah lalu pergi. 

3. Gaya pacaran yang sehat adalah yang tidak berlebihan. Malam minggu mainnya ke rumah, bukan ke hotel. Jalan - jalannya ke mall, bukan ke kamar hotel, mesra tapi dalam batas wajar dan tidak melanggar moral dan norma - norma yang berlaku. You can called it old fashioned or whatever it is, but I'm proud being a virgin :) 

"Semua yang berlebihan itu nggak baik. Suara yang terlalu keras bisa bikin kita nggak menikmati. Makan terlalu banyak bisa bikin perut sakit. Cinta yang terlalu dalam bisa bikin kita takut melihat kenyataan."

Rating : 5/5

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Right There With You #1 - R.J.Sable

Title : Right There With You #1
Series : With You
Author : R.J.Sable
Published on July 2nd 2013
Review : 

Short review :
like the synopsis, pissed at the story.

Full review :
To be honest, I am half pissed and half-relieved on this story. At some point. I just want to kick all Jamie's brothers' asses, without exception. I was so excited reading the synopsis firstly, but when I read the whole story, I'm quite disappointed. I was expecting something else, something more sweet and lovely but it's far from my expectation. 

Raised by her brothers, Jamie-Lea isn't a talkative person. She does everything based on what her brothers ordered her to do. Not following the orders mean she's ready to fell the pain. Jamie-Lea is a very kind girl who loves and respect her brothers the most so she'd rather feel pain than have to disappoint them.

me as reader : she's so dumb!
me after put myself on Jamie's shoes : I don't know what exactly I would do if I were her. Run away maybe? or just speak out my mind to the oldest, Ian. Easier said than done, of course. But I wish Jamie could be more confident and have a faith on herself. 

Jamie Lea is basically run away from her brothers by moving out from their house. Living with six brothers without ever feeling the affection from her mother since baby makes her become so vulnerable. Her brothers love her, want the best for her but never ask for what she likes or what she doesn't like. They basically just decide anything based on what they think is the best for her. In other words, she got no vote for herself and even though she's eighteen, she is a baby on her brothers' eyes. 

In my opinion, all her brothers are way too overprotective and I really don't get it. Her brothers like to order her around as though she is their maid, or treat her like she is an invalid. Jamie called his brother with "sir" as if they were in military or something, and I was like what the hell? I am surprise they even let her go to uni and left home.

Jamie Lea is abused and bullied by her brother(s)? and her brother's friend. Reading her story makes me mad and upset. The feeling is real and I really want to do something for her. I'm thankful for the day Jamie met Jason and fell in love. Jason has cherished and supported her every time she feels down and he is the right man for her.

Some Q & A : 
Brother that I want to KICK the most is Jake.
Brother that I want to HURT is Matt.
Brothers that I like even just a bit are the twins
Brother that give me good impression is Craig.
Brother who doesn't leave a good memory is Karl. 
A person that is not better than animal is Duff
A person that I want to hug is Adam.
A person that I want to thank for everything is Jason. 

Rating : 2/5
PS : not recommended for readers under 21.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Point of Retreat - Collen Hoover

Title : Point of Retreat
Author : Colleen Hoover
Series : Slammed
Publisher : CreateSpace
Published on February 25th, 2012
Review :

Short review :
totally unexpected, love the poems, Julia's stars made me cry, and it's okay to cry, even for men.

Full review :
Point of retreat is the second book of Slammed series. Unlike the first book in which Will was in dilemma whether to date Lake or not since they were teacher and student back then, this time they are officially together. 

"This girl is the rest of my life." I just love Will. Point of Retreat is based on Will's POV so reading through his mind gives me a perfect example of what a man could possibly thinking about his girlfriend. Being in Will or Lake's positions will never be easy. Both of them had to lose their parents at such young ages, and like it or not, the first priorities aren't to reach their dreams anymore, but to replace their parents' positions to raise and protect their brothers. 

Things go quite smoothly between Lake and Will. They're in love and supporting each other. Kel and Caulder are doing fine as well as Eddie and Gavin. But when they decided to go to the higher level of their relationship, Will's ex Vaughn showed up. Will Lake be just fine with that? and does Will still love her after what she had done to him in the past?
"If I left my head out of it and just followed my heart, I'd marry her today."
There are new characters, Sherry and Kiersten. They are mom and daughter who just moved in to Will's neighborhood. I love Kiersten truthfully. At first she was a bit annoying but she is so mature at her young age in comparison to Kel and Caulder, so I forgave her and started to like her instead. Not to mention that she's so brave for speaking out against those who bullied her. 

"Sometimes things happen in life that you didn't plan for. All you can do now is suck it up and start mapping out a new plan" , here it comes from the thirteen years old girl, Kiersten.

Another quote that I love is from Will grandmother's. It's actually an advice, so you guys better follow it :
A guy can tell a girl he's in love with her until he's blue in the face. Words don't mean anything to a woman when her head's full of doubt. You have to show her."

Is that ring the bell for you guys? When you love someone, instead of just telling them how much you love them, you need to show, express, and make sure they know it.

Last but not least, let me share to you one of my favorite poems,,,

If I were a carpenter, I would build you a window to my soul. 
But I would leave that window shut and locked, 
so that every time you tried to look trough it,
all you would see is your own reflection.
You would see that my soul
is a reflection of you. . .

Rating : 4/5

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Origin (Lux #4) by Jennifer L.Armentrout

Title : Origin
Series : Lux Series
Author : Jennifer L.Armentrout
Publisher : Entangled Publishing
Published on : August 27th 2013

"I'll burn the world down to save her."
Short review : 
I have no complaints. The story is so mind-blowing, jaw-dropping and freaking fantastic!

Full review : 
(let me bring you to my own story first)  
It's been a long time since the last time I wrote reviews on my blog. It feels like forever already! Nothing is more sad than can't read or buy books and write reviews afterwards. But back in few months ago, I had my first real job and it takes my full attention to adapt to my new working environment. I keep questioning myself, when is the right time to read again? It's as if I was lost in the dark hole of 'put your job first before your favorite guilty pleasure" which is reading. But then I realized, I was so stupid. There is no right time to read or do things you like, it's just now or never. 

Just when I had this thought, one of my favorite author Jennifer L.Armentrout published the fourth book of Lux Series, Origin. I've waited this book like forever and it really worth the wait! The ending of Opal (3rd book) was totally unexpected. PS. Just ignore this review if you haven't read Opal. And Origin is the answer of my curiosity. I'm happy for Dawson since he got Beth back but things feel so unreal for Daemon and Katy.

Since Obsidian, I have known that Katy wasn't a weak girl. She definitely can kick some asses. Seeing her surrounded by Daedalus and locked in remote area, somehow I know that she will do everything just fine. My brave girl Katy is not helpless at all. There are so much more to reveal from Daedalus sides. And questions that I had in mind are answered in Origin. The story itself explained the meaning of the title. And it's totally unexpected.

Katy was asked to believe that Daedalus aren't the bad persons, that they only want to protect the rights and welfare of human from the aliens. Will Katy truly believe that? 

Due to the dual point of view, we can know what both main characters were thinking, which makes me love Daemon even more. Daemon is just Daemon. I can't imagine him being someone else. He is arrogant, cocky, yet sweet, witty and romantic. As time goes by, his relationship with Katy gets stronger and stronger. The love that they have for each other is unconditional and enduring which is the sweetest thing on earth. They said two is better than one. And I guess it's right. They are perfect together. 
"I promise you that this isn't going to be our future, Kitten. I will give that to you - a normal life. Her eyes glistened. I don't expect a normal life. I just expect a life with you."
Besides the fact that I love Jennifer L .Armentrout so much for always writing such great books, I love her for her fondness for watching zombie movies. Whoever loves watching zombie movies is my sister. Last year I found out that Jennifer was so into The Walking Dead just like me.So I feel more connected with her than ever. I absolutely excited and can't wait to read the next book! Kisses and hugs for Daemon and Katy! Hope you guys have a happy ending! <3

Rating : 5 out of 5

Opal (Lux #3) by Jennifer L.Armentrout

Title : Opal
Series : Lux series
Author : Jennifer L.Armentrout
Publisher : Entangled Teen
Published on December 11th 2012
Synopsis : Opal #3 (taken from Goodreads)
Review :

Short review : 
Just give me a moment. I NEED TO BREATHE. Damn ending! Damn epic!

Full review : 
When I read the first chapter, I really couldn't wait to see what would be happening in the end of Opal, so I peaked at the last page, and damn my heart isn't ready for this. I wasn't expecting this but show must go on. Like a rainbow after the rain, I believe there's always a good thing after the pain. 

My very first wish is that Daemon and Katy can live happily ever after. But as much as I want it to happen, it ain't the right time to actualize it. Of course, things won't go easy like that because Opal isn't the end of Lux series. There are at least two books ahead to be published. So, Opal has to be more challenging, more tense,etc. And it really did. Each chapter is very intense I think I couldn't handle it. I have to put down the book at least every two chapters at once just to take a breath. Opal gives you so many surprises that will take your breath away and probably make you cry. 

The story itself was packed with action, romance, mysteries, etc. It is well-written and witty as always. The romance came out so well tho. Although Katy is no longer a normal human like she used to be, but when it comes to Daemon, Katy is a little insecure. I would feel exactly the same if I were her. That's the risk to date the most handsome alien on earth. I swear I had butterflies in my stomach by reading Daemon's confession to Katy. My favorite alien has never failed to make me swoon. His sarcastic humor has always brought so much laughter and crack me up as well.
"I wanted you from the first moment I saw you - and before you get started, I know I had a bad way of showing it, but you know I wanted you. Only you."
Aside from the unwanted surprises, I really feel happy for Katy and Daemon. Like finally they are OFFICIALLY TOGETHER!!! *cheers* Their relationship is like tom & jerry. They tease each other, irritate each other, but can't live without each other.
"He...he kisses like he's dying of thirst, and I'm water."
Jennifer is my all time favorite author and it's an honor for me to read her book series. I would never feel bored to say that she is the best and she really knows what she is doing. Although I was a bit sad that the ending is totally a cliffhanger, but this time I would also give 5 star to Opal as what I had always given to her previous books. 

Rating : 5 out of 5.

Janji Hati - Elvira Natali

Judul : Janji Hati 
Penulis : Elvira Natali
Penerbit : Gramedia Pustaka Utama
Tahun : 2013
Tebal : 280 hal
Sinopsis :Janji Hati
Review : 
"Aku mencintaimu ________________. Dan aku pun berjanji takkan pernah ingin menjadi benar seandainya mencintaimu adalah salah."

Semua orang pastilah memiliki masa lalu buruk yang jikalah mungkin akan mereka hapus dari kehidupan mereka. Semua orang tak terkecuali Amanda, Leo dan Dava. Amanda pernah merasakan kehilangan seorang kakak, begitu juga Dava yang ditinggal ibunya sehingga ia tidak pernah ingin dekat dengan siapa pun karena takut tersakiti lagi. Dan Leo, memiliki mimpi buruk yang terus menghantuinya hingga saat ini, dan itu berhubungan dengan wanita yang ia cintai, Amanda.
"Satu hal yang harus lo tahu, gue sama sekali nggak nyesel karena Tuhan sudah membiarkan seorang Amanda Tavari masuk ke kehidupan gue. Walaupun caranya nggak enak banget buat diingat." 
Mengusung tema cinta segitiga, cerita ini cukup menarik. Walau di awal cerita agak terkesan cheesy, tapi alur cerita dan plot dari pertengahan hingga akhir cukup bagus. Amanda, si gadis tomboy pemain bola voli yang mencintai musik klasik. Semenjak meninggalnya kakaknya, orangtua Amanda memutuskan untuk tinggal di Los Angeles sementara Amanda memilih untuk tetap tinggal di Indonesia ditemani oleh supir pribadi dan pembantunya.

Disisi lain, Leo dan Dava adalah kakak beradik beda ibu. Mereka berdua ibarat yin dan yang. Keduanya memiliki sifat yang bertolak belakang, Leo tipe penyabar, Dava tipe yang tidak sabaran, Leo sangat ramah sementara Dava sangat galak dan cuek. Para orangtua mungkin akan sangat menyukai Leo, sementara anak-anak mereka akan menggilai Dava. In this case, aku pribadi juga lebih menyukai Dava daripada Leo. Karena walaupun Dava terlihat sangat sulit diraih, sebenarnya Dava kekurangan kasih sayang seorang ibu. Walaupun ayahnya menikah lagi dengan ibu Leo, tapi yang namanya ibu tiri pastilah berbeda dengan ibu kandung yang telah melahirkan dan membesarkan kita.

Buku ini hasil pinjaman dari teman kantor yang sedari awal sudah menginformasikan bahwa buku ini sad ending. Be prepared! Well, setelah nahan-nahan diri buat nggak mewek dan dengan kegigihan yang tinggi, akhirnya berhasil nggak nangis.

Quote favoritku :
"Aku mencintai bahagia karena dia membuatku ceria. Namun aku juga mencintai luka karena dia membuat dewasa."
Rating : 3.5