Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Academy - Emmaline Andrews

Title : The Academy
Author : Emmaline Andrews
Publisher : Evangeline Anderson Books
Publication Date : August 2nd,2012
Synopsis : The Academy
Review :
I decided to read this after reading my friend's review and the synopsis itself. If you often watch Korean Drama, this novel must have reminded you of You are Beautiful, Hana Kimi or the one that quite famous nowadays, To The Beautiful You. Yes, those drama are about a girl who pretended to be a boy and attended a private boy's school. There she met a boy she likes then fall in love. Those stories are always interesting to watch. Thus, when I know this novel is kind of have the same story line, I can't wait to read it myself.

Kristina and Kristopher are twins. Kristopher is fond of music and Kristina likes to study. Their father forced Kristopher to attend The Academy soon, but he has his own plan for his future. Whatever he said to his father to let him decide his life by his own just get his father mad and annoyed. Meanwhile, Kristina offers to take his brother's place at The Academy.

I have a good imagination about this. Kristina cut her long and beautiful hair to the short one. She also wrapped her breast and wear his brother's shirt. The Academy itself has strict rules and forbid students to stay up late at night. Not to mention they all have to share a public bathroom. Can you imagine that? lol. Kristina is in a big trouble! I found myself laughed at the moment Kris has to share a room with her roommate, North. North is quite passive and get annoyed easily by her presence. But as time goes by, North found himself thinking, how could Kris has that beautiful face? Although Kris is good at fencing, but somehow North has the urge to protect her from anything. You know which part is the best? It's when North questioned his sexual orientation, whether he is still straight or not. lol.

I enjoyed reading this book pretty much. Although the story line is predictable, but it isn't boring.

Rating : 3.5/5


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