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#132 Touch Of Frost - Jennifer Estep

Read on December 06 to 07th, 2011
Title : Touch Of Frost ( Mythos Academy 01)
Series : Mythos Academy
Author : Jennifer Estep
Published on July 26th 2011
Publisher : Kensington Publishing Corporation
Total Pages : 350 pages
Synopsis : Touch Of Frost
Review :
"You? Felt sorry for me? You're nobody,Gypsy. You don't have any friends, and you don't belong her. You're pathetic."
"I have a name. It's Gwen Frost. I'm not nobody. And you think I'm pathetic? I'm not the girl who faked her own death just so she could get some sort of twisted revenge on her best friend. That's pathetic."
 Gwen has the ability to know, see, and feel things just by touching a person or an object. Just by touching them, she could see everything that they'd ever done, the good and the bad, even the secrets that they'd ever tried to hide. I love this girl so much because compare to other kids with gifts, she has no hulk power like Spartan, or the ability to move faster like Valkyries, yet she's so brave and didn't hesitate even just a second to used her gypsy gift to help whoever needs help eventhough most students at Mythos Academy tend to ignore her and act like she's not visible.

 The most popular Valkyries girl, Jasmine is found dead in a library close to one of the thirteen artifacts, Bowl of Tears. And Gwen be the one who found her body. When she tried to do something to help Jasmine, someone hit her on the head and she blacked out. What she knows after she awake is she needs to find the killer. Because no one seems to care about Jasmine's death, even her BBF, Morgan didn't seem to care much about her best friend being murdered. The fact is Morgan is a bit happy because finally she has free access to flirt and hook up with Jasmine's boyfriend Samson. Ugh BF n BFF sucks.

However, the killer can be anyone, the Reapers, gods, or any creatures that want to steal the Bowl of Tears and set Loki free. Loki is the bad bad guy. He was a michief god, a selfish god. He wanted to rule over the other gods, over everything , not only gods but mortals and all creatures. So, Loki is a Chaos and a treath to everyone. So, he was chained up but his followers are still trying to release him.

"So, the Reapers fought the members of the Pantheon, and the world was plunged into the Chaos War. Brother turned against brother, sister against sister, families were torn apart, slaughtered, or worse."
Everyone can be the reapers, your best friend, your boyfriend, and even your teachers. So, that's why students are taught how to fight and defend themselves. and FYI, Gwen has zero interest in gym class and she doesn't how to fight. That's why when a panther creature intended to kill her, she freaked out, yet Logan Quinn saved her life.
"Gypsy girls make for awful easy killing. Wouldn't take but just a second."
"Yeah,well, this Gypsy girl happens to have a grandma who can curse you so bad that your d*ck will turn black and fall off, so watch your step,Spartan." << i laughed so hard when I read this. LOL you better watch urself, Logan :DD
 while doing her mission to find who the killer of Jasmine is, she made friend with someone who dislike her in the first place and she is one of Jasmine's BFF as well. and what she learned from her relationship with Logan is the feeling is mutual but for some reasons, Logan can't be more than friends, at least at that time. Not to mention he has a girlfriend ald.

The end of this book is freaking nice, I found myself amused many times by the unexpected events, and finally in the end of the story, Gwen knew the reason why she was sent to Mythos Academy.

After I read the prequel of Mythos Academy (read my review here : First Frost) , I know the first book is gonna be good for sure. And tell you what? Touch of Frost had my full attention. It's super awesome and somehow I can relate this Loki bad god to you-know-who Voldemort. Can't wait to read the 2nd book Kiss of Frost.

Here is my favorite word :
"And I'd finally figured out something else,too. That the people you loved never really died, not as long as you kept your memories of them alive, not as long as they lived on in your heart."

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