Monday, December 5, 2011

#131 First Frost ( Mythos Academy 0.5)

Status : Read on December 3rd, 2011
Title : First Frost (Mythos Academy 0.5)
Author : Jennifer Estep
Published on July 1st 2011
Publisher : Kensington Books
Synopsis : First Frost
Review :
This is a short prequel to the Mythos Academy series. It will help readers to get a better understanding before reading the first book, Touch of Frost. Gwen Frost is a Gypsy who has the gift of psychometry. She is neither a freak nor a normal teenager. FYI, Her mother and grandmother have the same gift as well, but more powerful. Her grandma get visions and her mother knows whenever someone tell lies. Ad she use her gift to help the police. However, Gwen earned extra money by helping her friends find things. With her gypsy gift, she could locate the places where the items are lost. Sounds cool,huh? =D 

Whenever she touch something, she will get a vision of the last person who hold the things, and somehow she will know whether the person has an issue over something or not. That makes her know that one of her friend has been sexually abused by her stepdad. 

Sometimes, there is a price to pay to find out the information. Gwen knows that, but she doesn't know if the price that she has to pay is losing the closest person in her life.

Then Grandma Frost decided to transfer her into Mythos Academy. It's for kids with magic. At first, she thought it will be good if there are any other Gypsies like her, but seemed like, she is the one and only Gypsy there. There are lots of kids with a different type of magics such as Vikings, Valkyries, Romans and Amazons. Different type of magics mean different gifts and powers. The statues of the greek gods can be found there as well.

With a new place to stay, new subjects to learn, and a man named Logan Quinn that seems so attractive, there the adventure of Gwen Frost begins.

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