Thursday, February 16, 2012

Obsidian - Jennifer L.Armentrout

Title : Obsidian
Author : Jennifer.L.Armentrout
Publisher : Entangled Publishing
Format : Paperback
ISBN :9781937044237
Language : English
Synopsis : Obsidian
Review :
 Kat and her mother just moved from Florida to Virginia. They decided to move since Florida just left them with a hurtful memory. Kat's Dad died of cancer and thereafter nothing's the same anymore. Kat's mother started working more and more but then she finally decided they need a fresh start.

Ever since they moved, Kat has nothing to do except blogging. Then her mother asked her to befriend with two kids about Kat's age next door. Not want to let her mom down, she went to their house. And the impression of the guy next door is just so hillarious. Kat couldn't help staring at his naked chest and anything that you probably want to read it by yourself. Her head warned her to keep steady but her voice betrayed her XD

The guy next door's name is Daemon. At first I wondered why his name isn't Damon just like 'Damon' on Vampire Diaries, even my friends were questioned it and mistook it as Damon VD. But it doesn't matter at all because both men are so hawt :D

Well back to the book, Daemon is kinda pissed off with Kat for no reason, but Daemon's twin sister shows the opposite attraction to her. Dee likes Kat as soon as she saw her and she intends to be a close friend with Kat. Dee has a trick for her brother to get close with Kat, but of course, either Kat or Daemon dislike the idea of spending time together.

When Kat hang around with Dee and Daemon, somehow she can tell that something isn't right. Sometimes the weather and cloud can just instantly changed into lightning and storms, and in a blink of an eye, the cloud has become normal back. And how come a guy no matter how hot he is could dive under the water like ten minutes or so?

The suspicion grow stronger the night Kat was attacked by stranger who asked her,'Where they are?', 'You are a trace.' and something like that. Kat was freaked out and the stranger was no kidding in hitting and kicking her. When she thought that night was the last night for her before she died, Daemon came and took control. She was rushed to the hospital, did dozen of X-rays but thankfully she could go home that night. She believed she would have a bad hit on her face and body but when she woke up on the next day, she barely has bruises anymore. Weird.

Who are they? or the exact question is 'What are they?' Not to mention there are bunch of kids and adults like Dee and Daemon around the town. What are they capable of? and Who was the attacker?

When I read the first chapter, I immediately love this book. I love the never-end-conversation between Daemon and Kat, they always find something to argue and when they started to throw bomb to each other, no one can stop them. I just admired the love and hate relationship between them, and it grows stronger day to day.

 "I think it would be best if you'd stay away from me."
"No can do."
"Any of the other Luxen can watch over me or whatever," "It doesn't have to be you."
"You're my responsibility."
"I am nothing to you."
"You are definitely something."
"I dislike you so very much."
"No. You don't."

And Kat's character is no way the same like the other heroine, she's so brave and so unique, and she also has the ability to control herself whenever Daemon was around. I instanly like Kat when I knew that she's a book blogger just like me =D

"I don't review books to get paid or anything."
"I do it because I like it. I love reading, and I enjoy talking about books."

Reading and reviewing books is my pleasure. To get paid is just a bonus =)

I highly recommend this book to everyone who loves to read Young Adult, Urban Fantasy, and Paranormal Romance. You guys are going to love this book as much as I do. \mm/

Obsidian is the first series of Lux.
The second is Onyx (lux#2)
The complete series of Lux can be seen through this link Lux Series


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