Friday, July 6, 2012

The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window

Title : The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window 
Author : Kirsty Moseley
Publication Date : April 30th 2012
Publisher : Createspace
Synopsis : click here
Review : 
This book is so sweet. Liam is so sweet. Everything about this book is so sweet except Amber's father. Things were already getting tense in the first chapter. Amber's father was a bad and abusive father and even a worse husband. He was a bad tempered person and always wanted to rule his family. If things did not go as what he said, he would start to slap and kick his children and even his wife. 

Amber lived in fear. She was too scared to do anything when his father was around. One day his father was trying to rape her but Jack and Liam, Jack's best friend who lived next to their house came and beat him up. Amber was fragile and couldn't bear to be touched.She was always had a terrible nightmare and she woke up screaming every day. Neither Jack nor his mother could calm her down. But surprisingly, Liam could. Liam did not call her with Amber. But instead he called her Angel. You'll be surprised when you know why :) Liam, the sweetest guy ever, tapped on her bedroom window and asked if he could get in. He She was eight and Liam was ten. At such a young age, Liam had managed to be a good boy for Amber. He let her hugged him to sleep and it became such a ritual ever since. 

I know it sounds wrong, but they never did anything bad actually. Liam was like a pain in the butt for Amber. He was always teasing her, eating her cereal, and always showing off. But other than that, Liam was such a gentleman for her. Well, he was a bit possessive but I could accept that. hahaha. I really love this guy. And I have a thousand reasons to tell why I love him. He was a very good friend for Jack, he took care of Amber and never took her for granted. Not to mention he was always listening to Amber and put her first above all else. That was very sweet of him. Seriously, where can I find someone like him? 

"Why do you keep doing that?" I asked.
"Doing what?" he asked
"Every time I start to fall, you make yourself fall backwards so I land on top of you. You're going to hurt yourself.
He shrugged. "Rather me than you."

I love how he was so proud of Amber as his girlfriend and always told his friends, "I have a girlfriend' etc. Normally, if a guy talks much about his girlfriend to his friends, it means that he loved her so much and want his friends to know and be happy for them too.

"You know what, you wouldn't stand a chance. My girl is incredibly beautiful, both inside and out."

I'm afraid if I will spill everything lol. It is so hard for me not to say how good he was as a person and a boyfriend. He did not rush anything but he was willing to wait for her. What a gentleman. Have I said that before? :D

"You're worried about sex," he stated.
"I can wait as long as you want. I really am crazy about you, it's not about sex."
"What if I said I didn't believe in having sex before marriage?" I asked, testing him.
"Then I'd say how about we get married as soon as you're old enough. Eighteen is the legal age, right? he replied, winking at me.

"Liam, I don't want to ruin your future," I whispered. He smiled and kissed me lightly. "Angel, you're my future."

PS : Liam James is the best male character of Young Adult that I'd ever read. I'm not exaggerating, tho. 

Rating : 5/5 I'd give Liam score 10 out of 10.


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