Monday, February 27, 2012

Book I Bought : Legend - Marie Lu

Today I went to Medan Fair Plaza with my friends Dewi and Tasya. We didn't go there to shopping or else but hunting books. Since we are majoring english literature and this is our last year, we are all facing the same problem, which is THESIS, it is like a continuing headaches that can only get better once the thesis is done. *hopefully*

Well, I don't want to talk about the thesis thing here coz it will just add more headache that I've already had, so I'll just share the book that I bought today. I've tried my best to only buy books that I need, not I want. I'm still trying,though, so don't judge okay =DD

The title is Legend by Marie Lu. Here is the synopsis : LEGEND. It has another cover though,

which covers do you like better? 

Actually I wanted to buy this one and Please Look After Mom but after having some consideration, I decided to buy this one first. Like I always said,"Others can wait." :DD

Let me type the words behind the book to make it clear why I choose to buy this book.

He is DAY,
The boy who walks
in the light.

She is JUNE,
The girl who seeks
her brother's killer.

On the run and undercover,
they meet by chance.
Irresistibly drawn together,
neither knows the other's past,

But DAY murdered June's brother
And she has sworn to avenge his death . . . .

Matt Dallas
When I read LEGEND, I'll let myself to imagine Day as Matt Dallas. *fangirling* 
He is so handsome, it hurts. Dang!


  1. This is a very great book... "unputdownable" :P

  2. can't wait to read this one ^^ thanks for your comment :)