Thursday, January 12, 2012

MPH Bookstore

When I entered MPH at Gurney Plaza for the first time, I felt like,"Is it heaven?" Seriously, six days at Malaysia, two days at Kuala Lumpur and four days at Penang but I have no chance to visit Popular (Gurney Plaza, Penang) or Kinokuniya at suria KLCC because my sisters and boyfriend were too busy with buying clothes, goods and souvenirs for their friends and co-workers and it was clear that I am the one and only person among them that wanted to visit the bookstore so bad. But It's not me if I don't find a way, so I made a bargain with my sister so she would accompany me to go to the bookstore lol.

During our trip from KL to Genting Highland, the taxi driver kindly told us that there is a largest bookstore in KL named MPH bookstore and it is located in 1 Utama. But too bad it is too far from our hotel and it needs 30 minutes to go there by taxi. I really wanted to, but my parents were tired already and I will be a selfish daughter if I force them to go with me.

When we returned to Penang, I got a message from my bestie, ci San informed me that Popular bookstore located beside MPH bookstore. I was shocked and feel grateful at the same time because I made a good decision not to visited MPH at KL. I went to Gurney Plaza for the second time, since I didn't have a chance to explore the higher level in the first place because the mall was going to close soon at that time.

So, Like I said before, when I entered the MPH bookstore, I felt like I've entered heaven and it was no kidding! I was lucky enough to buy one book with a good price and the others are just fine. I was so tempted to buy more, but my sis kept telling me that no one will take those heavy books for me if I buy that much. lol Not that I can't carry it myself but you will be shocked if you see how many luggages that we have to take home =.=" so, here my babies are :

Though I haven't visited Popular yet, but I'm glad I have known that Penang isn't just about Char Koay Teow (Kwetiau) and hospitals but bookstores as well :)

Next trip to Malaysia is going to be more exciting than before! yeayy!


  1. buku-bukunya bikin ngiri Mei.... jadi kangen pengen ke Penang lagi... :((((((((((((

  2. Wah, oleh2 dr Penang ternyata buku. Dasar anak buku! Muahahahaha...

  3. Unnie, sumpah ya tahu gitu aku nitip borongin buku2nya deh~ gyahaha. Lucky you!

  4. putri@ayo ayo ke Penang lg. hehe. beberapa kali aku kesana cuma taunya Popular, itu pun ga pernah pergi, padahal slalu ke Gurney. =(

    ci aline@wakakaka. booklover forever ^-^

    dongsaeng syg@wahaha next time ikut donk kesana, biar ada yang mau jalan bareng kesana, unnie2ku pada ogah ke toko buku lol.

  5. Shatter Me sudah selesai diterjemahin.
    Unearthly lagi diterjemahin ;)

  6. wah thanks infonya mba =)
    Shatter Me-nya kapan diterbitin?