Sunday, January 29, 2012

Book Package (Two)

I bought those books from Buku Kita since it seems a bit difficult to look for it in the bookstore. 
I've searched Catching Fire for like three weeks now and I found nothing. 
Probably because it's out of stock. 
The funny thing is, last time I checked, they have placed it on their shelf, and I've ordered it from Buku Kita lols. 
Now I have the complete series of The Hunger Games yet haven't read any of them lol

Filosofi Kopi by Dee has its new cover, the truth is I have only read two of her books, which are Perahu Kertas and Madre. And to know more about her works is my pleasure.

The reason of why I bought Gerimis and I Can(Not)Hear is quite obvious,I guess. 
After I read Clara's Medal - Feby Indirani, I've fallen in love with her book, more importantly, I loved the way she tell stories. It feels so real. So, I did some research on Goodreads to know more about her works, and found Gerimis and I Can(Not)Hear. Since it drew a positive response, It made me more and more curious after all =D 

Ever since I read my friend's review for this book, I've wanted to buy the book but unfortunately I haven't found the right time to go to Times. Since Times is the one and only bookstore that sell english books, I have nowhere to go but Times. If only there are Periplus or Kinokuniya, it'd be more better.
All I need is just to wait =D