Thursday, January 26, 2012

Book Package (One)

My book package arrived yesterday!^-^ Last two days I bought it through online shop on facebook, surprisingly the package arrived so soon, thanks to Bless and abang JNE =D

Since I didn't do the pre-order for Sunshine Becomes You, I was so excited when Bless (online shop) told me that she has the autographed copy of Sunshine Becomes You. 
Her previous works, 4 season tetralogy are super awesome and I've no doubt about this book because I know it will be as interesting as its previous books. I wish not to cry while reading this book later. lol. Because I heard my friend,Stefanie was crying so badly when she read the book. kekeke~~~

I haven't read all her books but so far my favorite book is Remember When, let's see if Unforgettable will change the position or just remain as the second? =) 

The Secret of Big Bang

As a VIP, I feel proud of Big Bang that have always given their best for everything. Although last year Daesung and GD faced some problems, they didn't just give in but they apologized and promised to be more careful for the next. I think every single person in this world deserve a second chance. 
and thanks to Gagas Media who has published this book and even include the cute notes as the bonus :* 
Big Bang jjang! Gagas Media daebak!

I've heard much enough to know that this book is good. Yet I still feel the need to prove it by myself. I haven't read her previous book,tho. 

"So many books, so little time." - Frank Zappa

Another Korean themed book I bought =D Is it good? No idea, but worth to find out :)
I love the cover,btw.

Bought this only because the writers are Fei and Lia Indra Andriana kekeke. Since Oppa & I, I was eager to read Lia's books and this one may be a good start for me. 


  1. OMG, you're a shopaholic =))
    Aaaang~ aku pengen bgt tuh The Secret of Bigbang!! Tapi mahal bok! hiks :(

  2. ahhh aku lgi nunggu paket unforgettable sama believe jg :D
    ayo dbaca Sunshine Becomes You nyaa :D wktu baca hatiku kyk di peres2 TT , TT Rain Over Me lumayan kq ;)

    yg bubble love manis banget yah coverny ;>

  3. wahahaha sesat banget os nya =p *nyalahin os wkwk
    ga gt mahal kok say (berusaha menyesatkan)

    Stef@berarti aku kudu siapin tisu gulung pas baca hehe. abis ini mau baca buku dari SS dulu.
    jgn2 kali ini yang meninggal jg ya? ==*

  4. mau tanya, kalo beli buku secara online di fb, ke mana yaaaahhh ????
    makasih :) bisa jawab ke email ku ??? atau komen di post terbaru ku ???

    thanks before :)

  5. Halo Dyah,
    pertanyaan kamu uda saya balas ke post terbaru di blog kamu ya :)