Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pretty Face by Mary Hogan

Title : Pretty Face
Author : Mary Hogan
Publisher : HarperTeen
Edition language : English
Review :
Life is good when you can eat whatever you want to without worrying about gaining weight. But Hayley isn't the lucky girl who earned that trust from God. She loves to eat and have no self-control of herself when it comes to foods. It makes her easily gain weight and her mom is stressed out because she used to have the body like her daughter have now. Then she bought a special scale for Hayley just to remind her about her weight.

Hayley has a pretty face that makes people like her. But never love or any thing more intimate than that. However, her best friend Jackie is the opposite of her. Jackie has a perfect body and never gain weight no matter how much she eat everyday. Hayley has a crush on Drew, her friend at school. But she has no confidence at all when Drew asked her to go swimming at beach. What should Hayley do? Pretend that she can't swim instead of telling him the truth that she is ashamed of her body and she has no intention of showing it to Drew by wearing a bikini?

What will you do if your crush tell you that he might be in love with your bestfriend instead of you? 
My advice is Go fishing. Find someone else. Because :
1. The feeling isn't mutual. So what is the point to keep the feeling?
2. Your friendship with your best friend is way more important fighting over a man.

Hayley decided to spend her summer in Italy, the place where her mother's bestfriend lived with her family. Everything is different there. When Hayley could barely feel the warmth in her own country, she finds it so marvelous staying in the house looks like a castle and having a home rules. She promised herself to have a new life in Italy, begin from do the walking instead of riding or driving. What she got is a satisfaction because her body seems to follow the rhythm. 

With all that hard works, Hayley began to feel free and not depressed. But one simple thing can ruin the whole thing. Therefore, we need a commitment in doing most of things and support from families. 
"Tomorrow is a new beginning. Embrace the experience. Look forward, not behind."
I did the reading on my way from Penang to KL on the bus. I immediately liked the book because the idea was very unique and Hayley is so funny. But I'm a bit dissapointed in the end of the story. I feel like there is one important piece that lost in this story and without it the story is incomplete. However, I still enjoyed the reading.


  1. Template baru. Yaay!

    Bacaan ringan~ Jadi ini lebih banyak cerita yg bersetting di italy apa di rumah aslinya dia? :D

  2. yay! =D

    lebih banyak di Italy sayang. di tempat ia berasal cuma beberapa chapter awal aja :)

  3. Jadi petualangan di mulai di Italy ya~
    Aku jarang baca buku yg settingnya di Italia..

  4. seru sih. ternyata kalau sore orang Italy tutup toko hanya untuk makan, minum, dan bersenang2 sebentar. dari yang kubaca si, Itali jauh lebih seru dari US, tapi perbedaan bahasa buat orang US kesulitan komunikasi =D