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#126 Deadly Cool

Status : Read on November 27th 2011
Title : Deadly Cool
Author : Gemma Halliday
Series : Deadly Cool #1 , Social Suicide ( Deadly Cool #2)
Total Pages : 320 pages  (paperback)
Edition language : English
Published year : 2011 ( October 11st)
Publisher : HarperTeen
Synopsis : Deadly Cool
My review :
Hartley Grace Featherstone has a perfect life. BFF? , good grades? gorgeous boyfriend? She has it all.
However, it doesn't seem like you gonna have a perfect life like forever,and so does Hartley's. Her fortune seems not following her anymore. Heard an issue her boyfriend was cheating on her with Courtney made Hartley pissed off, yet she didn't believe the rumor since Courtney has signed as a member of Chastity club and there's no way her boyfriend wanna go with another girl besides Hartley. But well, it's hard to ignore the rumor when most people at your school were talking about it. 

Hartley tried to contact Josh for many times but got a zero response. So, she and Sam,her bff went to his house. Surprisingly, they found a dead body. It's Courtney's. Who killed her? Is that Josh? But why?

Soon, after the police came and asked them a few questions, Josh became the prime suspect in this case. But he can't be found anywhere. Where is he? Is he hiding on something? 

Well, after that horrible incident, Hartley and Sam met up with Josh's neighbour Chase, the member of the Herbert Hoover High Homepage, the school's online newspaper. Some informations were given after they made a deal. The deal is Chase will help them to find the killer and he and the Homepage will get the exclusive story in return. 

The way the author wrote his appearance, i think he's not bad at all. In fact, this Chase boy is kinda hot. LOL. and i'm not the only one who feel it, Hartley also feel the same thing. HA!. They suspect many persons who dislike Courtney but found no one who seems to have the urge to kill her and framed Josh. During their investigation, another dead body was found and it freaked them out. and again, Hartley has to be the one who found the body. Will she find the real killer without harming herself?

I love how Hartley is so honest to herself, to her feelings toward her to Josh and Chase. well, I just love people who respect themselves, after all.
The truth was, I'd lied to a lot of people in the past week. As much as I'd been pissed at Josh for lying to me, I'd turned around become what I'd hated him for. Granted, I hadn't professed my undying love to Chase, then gotten naked with some guy behind his back. 
"But as much as he'd been my first love, he'd also been the first guy to ever cheat on me. And if I'd learned anything from my near-barbecuing experience, it was that life was way too short to spend with someone who didn't respect me."
This is my first time to read Gemma's book and I gotta say this book is awesome! While some author seemed to be more interested in romance or fantasy genre, Gemma tried a different way of choosing the genre. and I love it. Soon after I read the first page, I was so into it and can't help but continue to read until midnight. I think this book deserve a high rating so I gave it 5stars. I love everything about this book. Gorgeous cover, the storyline, the chemistry between Hartley and Sam and Hartley and Chase and I love the funny thing about Sam's brother's car. LOL you will find out what's so funny about his car soon after you read the book. 

I highly recommend this book to everyone. It's a very light fun read and you won't get bored even just for a second. Because all you want to do is to read page after page to know who the real killer is and Hartley, Chase and Sam with her brother's car (lol) will help you to find it. :)

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