Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Status : Currently reading
Title : 1000 Musim Mengejar Bintang
Author : Charon
Primary Language : 
On page 165 of 368
Finally I find a time to read again, but I still have many assignments to do and it's all need to be submitted in this week. Stress attacks, but I got to thank God because my hardworks show a good result^^

Back to the book, 1000 Musim Mengejar Bintang is an Indonesian book. At first, I thought it's quite silly y know, to love someone who doesn't even know you are exist. I keep reading it, tho, and y will learn that you don't need to be in a relationship with someone you love. It's just a status,anyway.

It doesn't matter if he/she is in a relationship with someone else. As long as they are happy with their decisions, we will feel happy as well. That's called "true love"

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