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#115 Strange Angels

status : read from October 31st to November 3rd 2011
My rating    : it was amazing it was amazing it was amazing it was amazing
Title : Strange Angels , Strange Angels #1 
Author : Lili St.Crow
My Review :

Dru Andrerson is just a teenager. She moved from town to town with her dad to hunt zombies and its kinds. Of course she was never allowed to do the hunting , but she always help her dad. She might be just a teenager, but she knows a lot more than other kids and it has nothing to do with Maths or Chemistry. She knows how to sharpen a knife, pull a trigger, and all. For her, school is just a formality, to spend time waiting her dad come back home after hunting the dead dead.
Since her mother and gran died when she was kid, the closest person to Dru is her dad. She did almost everything with her dad. But one day, her dad didn't come back like he always did after hunting. It kills Dru to think about why her dad hasn't come back yet.
The question was answered the day after, her dad returned!! But as a perfectly different person or I should say, a different kind. He came back as a zombie!! Not that he wanted to, but seems like someone has turned him into it. 

You know what is the hardest part of becoming a hunter?
To kill your own fam because they had become "someone else"

That's what Dru has to do, to kill her one and only Dad and the last person she has in her life. 
Dru has one friend and probably is her only friend in that small town she lived. His name is Graves, his family didn't want him around so he build his secret place to stay inside mall. Dru keeps ignoring him but he always do the follow and he likes to say "First one's free."
They become friends and share the freaking thought about the horrible things her father hunted all the time. Graves was bitten by a werewulf , but since he's a virgin, he didn't shift. He's more like half-breed now. 
Dru has no purpose in her life now except to find the one who killed her dad. There she dialed a number and met Christophe, a gorgeous djamphir that called himself as Dru's guardian angel. 

"Djamphirare always male. If they breed with human women, they rarely have female offspring. When they do, those females are svetocha. The sveetocha are fertile sometimes, their sons are strongs, but their daughters - doubtly rare as they are - are stronger."

And a fact that Dru has no idea about is that apparently she is a sveetocha.

Soon after her dad dead, Sergej, the Princeps, the nosferat that has been hunted by Dru's dad for twelve years started to suspect if there is someone else other than Dwight Anderson, Dru's father. 
Werewulfen come and attack them, fortunately Dru and Graves have Christophe. By throwing himself into the werewulf , they ran away, Dru felt guilty, but she just knew Christophe by hours, and she gotta do something to save her own life and Graves.

Christophe was tired for sure, but he made it through. and to save Dru's life , he has to move her into Order's area, where she could learn to be like her own kind, sveetocha. and Graves can also stay there with one or two werewulf.

I like this series so much, it's so creepy but I had fun reading it. If I have to choose Christophe or Graves, I gonna choose Chris for sure, it's not only because he knows more than Dru and Graves, but he was very brave and whenever it harms Dru, he will stand in front and do all his best to protect her. Unlike Chris's bravery, Grave did the opposite, he's always afraid if Dru will leave him alone and he prefers to hide rather than fight againts the enemies. It's a thing that cowards always do right? 
But, I can accept all of it since he was just a normal human and still a teenager and just got bitten by werewulf plus have no idea how to survive in a town full of zombies and werewulf. I hope he will do better after got trained in the 2nd book. xoxo.

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