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Stone Cold Touch (The Dark Elements #2) - Jennifer L Armentrout

Title : Stone Cold Touch
Author : Jennifer L. Armentrout
Series : The Dark Element
Date of Publication ; Oct 21th, 2014
Synopsis : Stone Cold Touch
Review :

Roth was missing, probably gone forever to Hell and Layla was dying inside. When Roth suddenly popped up in Abbot's house, Layla was more than happy to welcome him back. But Abbot and the others, especially Zayne were opposing their relationship. It turned that Roth messed up with Layla's feeling and turned his back on her. I've been a fan of Roth in White Hot Kiss, but he is such an ass in this second book. 

I guess there is something on the title that we can think about. Stone Cold Touch - Stone - Stony (nickname Roth called Zayne), Stone - Warden. So I think it's probably talked more about Zayne. Whereas White Hot Kiss was more about Roth. I don't if it's true, but i'm glad Jennifer give a chance to Zayne to stand out. He deserves it. 

While it's not a news anymore that Layla's kiss could kill a soul. She is rare and unique, half Demon and half Warden. And she has a huge crush on Zayne. It's such a torture for her for not being able to kiss someone she loved and admired for a long time. Zayne is a big NO for her. Because no matter how much she like him, she wants him to stay alive. But he is starting to give hopes for her, so how long can she deny it? 
"I know you cared about him," Zayne said, threading his fingers through mine. "But don't forget about me. I'm here for you. I always will be."
You know, time never turn back, people change, but memories never fade away.I remember Abbot, Zayne's father was a good man. He was like a father that Layla could ever asked for. I myself liked him. But he was so different now. Full of hatred and anger towards Layla. School itself wasn't the same anymore. People starting to get hurt and there is a big fat chance that Lilin is the reason behind all of this chaos. While Abbot think it's all Layla's fault. 

How can a father and his son be so different? Zayne is all sweet and lovable while Abbot is now evil and cruel.
"I know this isn't easy. Nothing between us will be easy and I know you have a lot of fears. I don't want to push you or push this, because I know... I know you still care about him - about Roth."

How Zayne can be so understanding is beyond my comprehension. Stone Cold Touch has more intensity, very adventurous and highly mysterious. 

I'm a fan of the love triangle. Although it gave me headache sometimes, but Jennifer has successfully created a great romance among three of them. I've always liked the bad boy kind of guy, but Zayne just took my heart away. It's 1-1 for Zayne and Roth. Can't wait to see what will be happened in the third book. 

Stone Cold Touch personally taught us to love ourselves more. Never look down on yourself and always remember that you are braver than you believe and stronger than you think. 

"I don't deserve you."
"See, that's where you're wrong. That's where you've always been wrong. You deserve everything."

Book 1 : White Hot Kiss

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