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Hopeless (Hopeless #1) - Colleen Hoover

Title : Hopeless
Series : Hopeless series
Author : Colleen Hoover
Publication Date : December 19th 2012
Synopsis : Hopeless (taken from Goodreads)
Review :

Sky's life is a complete mess.
I've come to the point that I don't even know how to start writing the review because her past and present's life is so complicated. Not only Sky's but her mother's, Holder's and everyone's. As a teenager, making friends with lots of people will give you benefits to shine. But for some people who only make friends to one or two persons, most of them are usually get bullied, verbally attacked, etc. Sky is used to be home-schooled and now she get the chance to study at public school. But things don't work out really well for her. Being Six's best friend give her a bad reputation but she doesn't care at all. Only a few know and understand her while the others are busy judging what they thought they know. 

"You have to let it go. You can hold on to the hate and the love and even the bitterness, but you have to let go of the blame. The blame is what's tearing you down, babe."

This story isn't simply just tell us about love between two young people. It is much more than that. It has deep meaning and involves every themes that we could think about such as bullying, friendship, truth and lies, rape, etc. I think the author has done a very good job. I'd never think about this plot and the mystery isn't very easy to guess. Since the beginning, the author has made us curious about who is the guy Sky met at the grocery store? , why Sky's mother Karen won't allow her to have phone and using internet?, etc.

I really love the chemistry between Sky and Holder that have developed since their first meeting. Although I can guarantee that a man like Holder is one in a million and maybe only exist in romance novels, but I really like how he loves Sky so much and would do everything to win her heart. Same goes to Sky who kind of have a bad thought of him at first but then fall in love with him for all that he has done for her.
"Because I want your first kiss to be the best first kiss in the history of first kisses."
"Fuck all the firsts, Sky. The only thing that matters to me with you are the forevers."

Points that I get :
1. When a man likes you, he will make an effort to get to know you better.
2. If he likes you enough, your differences won't matter to him.
3. Dimples can be so intriguing. You will never know until you meet the one.  

You're in love when :
1. You have butterflies in your stomach whenever you met him. 
2. You spent so many times just to pick clothes to wear before you meet him. Normally it only takes 5 - 10 min to dress up but now it takes much longer to decide what to wear. 
3. You can't stop wondering what he/she is probably thinking of you.

About the friendship between Six and Sky and Sky with Breckin, tell you what? At first I'm so jealous of Sky for having friends like them. Not only because they are incredibly awesome friends who support you in every conditions, but also because they're giving e-reader and a phone to Sky! Like it's a normal present to give to your bestie. Some parts in this novel are too good to be true like Holder, and best friends like Six and Breckin.

I live you :*

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