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Bitter Sweet Love - Jennifer L.Armentrout

Title : Bitter Sweet Love (The Dark Elements, #0,5)
Author : Jennifer L.Armentrout
Publication Date : December 1st, 2013
Series : The Dark Elements
Synopsis : Bitter Sweet Love
Review :
First of all, I worship Jennifer so much it hurts. She is the best author that I could ever ask for. She writes everything and it becomes something. Sometimes I wonder with all books that she has written and the upcoming books that she is about to write, does she even get enough sleep? Jennifer is a talented author and I doubt that I can ever get enough of her work. 

"Love would always be enough, no matter what."

No one would have ever thought that gargoyles could be so hot and beautiful. Although the statues of gargoyles in the real world are all ugly, which contrast to what Jennifer described on the book, but who cares actually. If the statues could speak, they would probably thank her for writing a very good book about them. She made gargoyles look sexy to be honest. 

This novella introduces us to the world of gargoyles where they lived under human's radar. It's about Jasmine and Dez who had a great love toward each other. They had been best friends since they were kids and Jas has loved him since his father brought him to their place after Dez's clans were burned down long time ago. 
Everything goes smoothly until Dez left. It turned Jasmine's world upside down. Took three years for her to accept that Dez won't ever come back. It's easier to think that he's dead. But he is not. Because he has returned now and want to be mated with Jasmine. 

"I loved you the night you brought me pudding and stayed with me until I fell asleep. That was eleven years ago and my love for you has never faded, Jas. Not for a second."

"And I'm just saying that by the end of these seven days or maybe a week from then, or a month, you'll say yes. He cupped my cheek and leaned in, pressing his forehead to mine. "And I'll be waiting. No matter how long it takes."

This novella isn't simply about romance. We have demons as well to be the bad guys. Bitter Sweet Love introduces us to the main characters in White Hot Kiss #1, Layla, Zayne and Roth, the Upper Level Demon. I can't hide my excitement that White Hot Kiss will be available in February. Layla is half demon and half gargoyle. She looks normal, but a kiss would kill a soul. Being surrounded by gargoyles doesn't make her life get any easier. Most of them will avoid her as if she never exists. But Zayne is very protective towards her and the Upper Level Demon Roth is curious about her existence. On the other hand, I am very curious and looking forward to this series. I bet it would be as awesome as Lux and Covenant series. 

It's a big fat FIVE STARS. 

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