Saturday, January 18, 2014

Now or Never - A.J. Bennett

Title : Now or Never
Author : A.J. Bennett
Publication Date : June 19th, 2013
Synopsis : Now or Never (taken from Goodreads)
Review :
Twin sisters Grayson and Luna were born seconds apart but they have different personalities. Luna is always more outgoing, and Grayson is the shy one. Things changed when Grayson met her boyfriend Josh. She thinks she has met the one. Because they have lived together and getting into deep relationship than ever. But is it love when your boyfriend is so jealous of other guys he decided to hit you? He can't bear to see you talking with another guy, he gave bruises on your hand? is it love? if it's love then I don't want to fall in love. 

It takes a long time for her to finally realize that it's not love. It's the anxiety that she feels, the feeling of being verbally and physically abused by the one you love and trust, IT IS NOT LOVE. I REPEAT, IT IS NOT LOVE. 

Grown up as the shy one doesn't make her truly vulnerable, Grayson choose to run away, make her own way to cherish her life to the fullest. She moved back to her mother's house but then she met another trouble, a guy she met at Starbucks, Derrick. Maybe, a fresh start with a new guy isn't so bad at all. But what if he just want to be her friend with benefits?  

Note to myself : 
1. No matter how handsome and sexy your boyfriend is, if he attacks or hits you for whatever the reasons are, LEAVE HIM NOW. Be with someone who adores you, not the one who hit you. 
2. Don't get involved with anything that you can't handle.
3. Family comes first. 

I like the concept that the author used. But I think it could be better at some parts. It isn't the path that I would want to walk in, but sometimes life can take you to places or people that give you either a blessing or a lesson.
"You're only young once Grace. Learn to enjoy it before it passes you by and you're my age." - Grayson's Mom

Time never goes back. Unless you have time machine which you don't, because it only exists in fiction and fantasy novels, it will never give you back your past. So enjoy what you do and what you have now, be happy about it, so you will have good memories when you recall it.  

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