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The Truth About You And Me - Amanda Grace

Title : The Truth About You And Me 
Author : Amanda Grace
Publisher : Flux
Publication Date : September 8th 2013
Synopsis : The Truth About You And Me
Review :
The theme is about forbidden love between a teacher and a student. It is not my first time to read this kind of theme, but I haven’t found what I want to read yet so far. It hasn’t met my expectation yet but I'm so determined to finish this one. So here we go,,, 

Madelyn Hawkins never thought that she would fall in love with her biology teacher, Mr Bennett. She is still sixteen but she has managed herself to be in college whereas her friends are probably still enjoying their high school fun. Although I myself don't believe in love at first sight, it is as if Madelyn has known him forever and found the spark between them. 

No one knows that the age gap is nine years, not even Mr. Bennett. Madelyn kept the secret by herself and it seems she is ready to bury the secret with her. The feeling is mutual but will it last long while you have the strictest parents ever? 

Points : 
1. Being smart in high school/college doesn't necessarily mean you're smart in building a relationship. 
2. Never lie to someone who trust you. 
3. As a child, we can’t give all the blame to our parents. When they’ve failed on something, they will try as hard as possible to not make us experience the same way as they had gone through. It's a good thing though. But it can be wrong as well depends on how they lead and raise their kids. 
"See, Bennett, the sad thing about expectations is that if you fail them – by an inch or a mile, it doesn’t matter – you disappoint people. And my parents, they don’t set the bar low. And my brother, he just kept right on raising it."

"Well, that's just how it is in my house. You have to be perfect, and if you aren't well, you better fake it pretty damn well." 
The root of the problems is parents are too demanding. Forcing Madelyn to be the perfect daughter. No one is perfect,though. I can’t even imagine if one person has no flaws at all. It must be so boring. It sure feels good to be on top, but if we never be on the bottom, never taste how it feels to be failed, we would never know how far we can go. It isn’t the succeed that so important. It is the process that we went through over and over again before we could be on top.

“You were my escape route. My doorway to another world, a reflection that looked more like the me I wanted to be than the one I was forced to be.”
I guess we just have to be honest to ourselves. We don't always know what do we want and we don't always get what we want as well. We just need to be more open-minded and contemplate what other people might have suggested to us.

I only have two things to love about Mr.Bennett. 
1. The fact that he named his Golden retriever dog with Lord Voldemort. 
2. He never lose his patience. It has been said that patience is a virtue, that good things come to those who wait. But maybe it doesn't always work for everyone. 

Overall, I can't say that I like it, but it was okay. 

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