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Right There With You #1 - R.J.Sable

Title : Right There With You #1
Series : With You
Author : R.J.Sable
Published on July 2nd 2013
Review : 

Short review :
like the synopsis, pissed at the story.

Full review :
To be honest, I am half pissed and half-relieved on this story. At some point. I just want to kick all Jamie's brothers' asses, without exception. I was so excited reading the synopsis firstly, but when I read the whole story, I'm quite disappointed. I was expecting something else, something more sweet and lovely but it's far from my expectation. 

Raised by her brothers, Jamie-Lea isn't a talkative person. She does everything based on what her brothers ordered her to do. Not following the orders mean she's ready to fell the pain. Jamie-Lea is a very kind girl who loves and respect her brothers the most so she'd rather feel pain than have to disappoint them.

me as reader : she's so dumb!
me after put myself on Jamie's shoes : I don't know what exactly I would do if I were her. Run away maybe? or just speak out my mind to the oldest, Ian. Easier said than done, of course. But I wish Jamie could be more confident and have a faith on herself. 

Jamie Lea is basically run away from her brothers by moving out from their house. Living with six brothers without ever feeling the affection from her mother since baby makes her become so vulnerable. Her brothers love her, want the best for her but never ask for what she likes or what she doesn't like. They basically just decide anything based on what they think is the best for her. In other words, she got no vote for herself and even though she's eighteen, she is a baby on her brothers' eyes. 

In my opinion, all her brothers are way too overprotective and I really don't get it. Her brothers like to order her around as though she is their maid, or treat her like she is an invalid. Jamie called his brother with "sir" as if they were in military or something, and I was like what the hell? I am surprise they even let her go to uni and left home.

Jamie Lea is abused and bullied by her brother(s)? and her brother's friend. Reading her story makes me mad and upset. The feeling is real and I really want to do something for her. I'm thankful for the day Jamie met Jason and fell in love. Jason has cherished and supported her every time she feels down and he is the right man for her.

Some Q & A : 
Brother that I want to KICK the most is Jake.
Brother that I want to HURT is Matt.
Brothers that I like even just a bit are the twins
Brother that give me good impression is Craig.
Brother who doesn't leave a good memory is Karl. 
A person that is not better than animal is Duff
A person that I want to hug is Adam.
A person that I want to thank for everything is Jason. 

Rating : 2/5
PS : not recommended for readers under 21.

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