Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Boyfriend Game

Title : The Boyfriend Game
Author : Stephie Davis
Format : Ebook
Publisher : HarperTeen
Publication Date : 2009
Synopsis :
I rested the ball on my hip and walked back toward the equipment shed. In the dark. Alone. With a boy. I would be completely freaking out over varsity soccer tryouts if it weren't for the new student, Graham, who's helping me practice. He has the most amazing green eyes, curly brown hair, and perfect legs. Plus, we have lots in common, since all we both care about is soccer Well, that's all he cares about. But my heart beats so fast when we're on the field together . . . and I don't think it's just from all the running around.

Review :
Trisha's life is about soccer. She really wants to be a part of varsity and she is willing to work harder than everyone to reach her goal. The problem is none of her best friends who are in the same team with her want to practice with her. Not that they don't want to, but they are so into their men crush that anything else seems to be less important. Trisha has an admirer. Kirk likes her so much even though she never gave a good respond to him. Meanwhile, one of her best friend, Sara loves Kirk. Things get more complicated when a young boy,Graham came out of nowhere, a quite charming one and more importantly, he is good in soccer.

Graham offers to help Trisha work with her skill on soccer. And just like they said, when two people spend a lot of time together, there'll be a chance to fall in love with each other. But the problem is, Graham hasn't figured out how he feels about Trisha yet, whether it is just a friendship or more than that.

It's a quick and fun read. I love how Trisha tried the best out of her to achieve her dream, but I'm not a fan of her relationship with Graham, which is quite confusing. This book is recommended for those who love reading and soccer.

Rating : 3/5

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