Saturday, December 29, 2012

Relatively Honest

Title : Relatively Honest
Author : Molly Ringle
Publisher : Central Avenue Publishing
Synopsis :
Shocking. Disgusting. Deceitful. That's how some might have described Daniel Revelstoke's behavior even before he fell in love with his first cousin. Previously a don't-tie-me-down Don-Juan type, Daniel doesn't know Julie is his long-lost cousin when he meets her and starts trying to lure her away from her long-distance boyfriend. And by the time his mum drops the family-relation bombshell in his lap, he already loves Julie and it's too late to switch off his feelings. But dishonest habits die hard. He reckons if he can keep Julie from finding out they're related--just a little longer--he runs a better chance of winning her over. He's never loved anyone before, and if she's the one, she's worth a little deceit. Love can do dangerous things to your head. And worse things to your family.

Review :

Daniel Revelstoke fell in love with his first cousin. 

Because of that words I wanted to read this book so bad. I ever read about siblings who fell in love but then get caught and be secluded. It was a sad case. I kind of hope that this one will have a happy ending. 

Daniel Revelstoke is the type of guy who hardly heard 'No' from girls for his entire life. So yes, this guy is so full of himself and the bad news is he knows it. Daniel doesn't believe in 'love at first sight', but he fell instantly in love with Julie when he met her for the first time. Julie had a boyfriend Patrick and Daniel doesn't want to get involved with love triangle or worse, in love with someone's girlfriend. 

He used to get whoever he wants easily. But now Julie doesn't even look interested with him and it hurts his pride. However, it motivates him even more to make Julie fall for him. But does Julie has the same feeling?

Daniel and Julie went to the same college, while Patrick studies far away from Julie. Daniel's roommate Sinter is kind of dark and always wears black clothes. But at least, he gets to date Julie's roommate, and makes Daniel feel even more miserable. 

As though it wasn't enough, Daniel had to accept the truth that Julie is his long lost first cousin. They say when you are falling in love with somebody, you tend to do anything to impress him/her. And I'm sure that anything related to the impression isn't involved with "Hi, I love you but you are apparently my first cousin, do you still want to date me?" kind of thing. So, in order to keep the secret, he has to create lies. . . . 

Is it normal to tell lies to your couple nowadays? 

Although I hate it so much but I guess it depends on the circumstances. Recently I read books which characters told lies to their romantic partners, and I tried not to judge them directly, instead I tried to put myself into their shoes. Sometimes people tell lies just because they do not know how to deliver the truth to the person without hurting them, or they made unacceptable mistakes and are afraid of being resented as the result, etc.

Anyhow, I still prefer to tell the truth though. As long as you tell the truth, no one will get hurt, and even if the truth hurts, it hurts just for a while, but lies hurt forever (Am I bubbling right now? Hope not :D)

Overall, I enjoy reading this book, it's relatively good.

Rating : 3/5

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