Monday, December 24, 2012

Crush - Lacey Weatherford

Title : Crush
Author : Lacey Weatherford
Publication Date : 2012
Synopsis :
Cami Wimberley has a plan, and that plan includes no room for boys—especially the big time party animal, Hunter Wilder, no matter how handsome and charismatic he is. She’s beautiful, a senior, extremely talented, gets good grades, and is working her way toward her dream college to be a musical theater major. Everything is perfect. Hunter Wilder does not want a girlfriend—that would complicate his life way too much right now. He especially doesn’t want this girl, Miss-Goody-Two-Shoes, so how come he can’t keep his eyes off her? He tries to keep her at arms length, but fate seems to keep pushing them together. Before long, it’s obvious to everyone they’re crushing on each other. As sparks begin to fly, Hunter finds himself sinking deeper and deeper into hot water. Soon he’s scrambling to keep Cami from discovering his dark secret—one that can destroy their entire relationship.

Review :

It's a quick read and I couldn't put it down until I finished it. The cover isn't my favorite, but the story is absolutely my taste. Young Adult with a bit thriller, one-sided love between best friends, love triangle,etc. Cami doesn't love her BFF Clay, she thinks of him as a brother, but Clay just seems can't accept the truth. He was used to be the nerd one, but then he completely changed himself into the stylish one. For what reason? For Cami. What would you do if your best friend, the one who played with you for the entire time since kids and knew your secret even the dirty one all of a sudden told you that he loves you? If it's me, then one word would be written clearly on my forehead, "AWKWARD".  

I really like Cami, though. She doesn't care what people think of her or her friends, as long as she doing right, nothing else matter. Although she really wants to make her relationship work with Hunter, but she knows when to say yes and when to say no. 

"I know he's not perfect, but I like him, and I don't care what anyone else says about him. I'm going to form my own opinions." 

Cami is a good girl who doesn't know how charming she can be. In fact, she thinks low of herself. But the truth is most men in her school like her. Hunter isn't the first to say out loud that he likes her, but Hunter is the very first who made Cami feels special.  

Hunter is a new guy that have crush on Cami. He doesn't want to admit it at first, he fought hard, but gave in.  Frankly speaking, they made a cute couple and I love their sweet conversations. Hunter has a secret that can't be shared to anyone, especially to Cami. My imagination is strangely wide (and sometimes weird) because I thought the reason of why Hunter doesn't want to share his secret to Cami is because he's half-wolf or something but of course it's just my stupid imagination because the reality is not even close to it =.= Anyway, the ending is very surprising and I couldn't tell until I read it. 

In order to keep his secret safe, Hunter has to lie, and for me, honesty is one of the most important thing in relationship. You can't build a relationship based on lies because it won't last long. But Hunter has his own matter ( I try hard not to spill the beans) so I kind of understand it.^^v
"Listen to me carefully. I mean this. When and if the time is right for us to be together, I want it to perfect to you. You deserve it all - the candlelight, roses and romance. There's no need for you to rush. The right guy will always wait for you to truly be ready. He should honor you, worship you, and make it a moment for you to remember forever."
Overall, I just love this book. The characters were well written and the story was just perfect. This is my first time reading Ms.Weatherford's novels and definitely not gonna be the last. 

Rating : 4/5


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