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Until I Die By Amy Plum

Title : Until I Die (Revenants #2)
Series : Revenants series
Author : Amy Plum
Publication Date : May 8th 2012
Publisher : HarperCollins Publisher
Synopsis : Until I Die
Review : 
I've finished reading this two or three weeks ago but since I was so busy with my thesis thing then I decided not to write the review first. Hope I don't miss anything :D
Okay, so this is the second book of Revenant series. The first one is Die For Me. You can read the review here : Die For Me Amy Plum was so good in making a title, wasn't she? Die For Me, Until I Die. I mean, who wants do 'die for you' in this sophisticated era? People are too busy thinking of themselves and even lovers might want to think more and more again if they have to die for their couples. But back to the title, I love the title of the first book so much. You know, it was kind of romantic and intimate. It might sound cliche, but it was okay. I think guys who have lived for a hundred of years or even a century were all old school and possessive, just like Vincent or Edward Cullen in Twilight Saga. I think they even share the same foolishness by trying to protect their girlfriends without telling them how to do it.
"Kate, I admit that we aren't in the easiest of situations. But are you always this. . . complicated?"I opened my mouth to say something, but Vincent shook his head, grinning. "Actually, don't answer that. Of course you are. I wouldn't be so totally into you if you weren't."
In the previous book, Kate had made Vincent to promise her that he won't die no matter what happen. And now, he was trying very hard to keep that promise although in the process of his effort, he looked awful and made Kate get worried. At first thing was all fine, but since Violette and Arthur came and replaced Charlotte and his brother's place, things get tensed. Arthur looked uncomfortable with Kate's presence. Violette dislike Kate's sister and vice versa. Not to mention Vincent was very busy with his jobs that he hid very well from Kate. 

Anyway, I love how Vincent shows his love and affection towards Kate. It was so sweet and sometimes I found myself envy with that couple. Even though Vincent was busy with his secret job, but he always managed to find time for Kate. If he couldn't meet Kate, then he would ask his best friend Jules, who was a revenant as well to give her a ride to school or just accompany her. 

There's something about Jules that I like more than Vincent. I expect to see love triangle but I haven't seen it yet in this novel. The ending was so unpredictable and I'm so worried yet excited about what will happen next. 

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