Friday, June 22, 2012

Die For Me by Amy Plum

Title : Die For Me
Series : Revenants #1
Author : Amy Plum
Publication Date : May 10th 2011
Publisher : HarperTeen
Synopsis : Die For Me
Review : 

This gorgeous cover succeed to make me want to read it. I became more interested when I read the synopsis. So, I start to read it, then what did I get? A full of surprise. This book is amazing. Why? Because the story is incredible fresh. it's not about vampire, angel or any kind of that. But it's about Revenants. #TheUndead.

It's quite complicated at first, but it's not hard to catch up. They are not zombie, they are as handsome and gorgeous as models, they eat any edible foods that we can think of, and they are not ghost or spirit but Revenants. They live by saving other people's lives. They sacrifice themselves in order to save the life of some people who lost hope or willing to die. But they are not truly dead. I mean they are dead after saving people's lives but it's not dead dead. it's not permanent.

Their bodies are dead, but their spirit keeps alive as a volant. However, their bodies only remains dead for three days, so when their bodies lay down unconscious, they live as a volant.

Kate and her sister Georgina lost their parents in car accident. Their lives never been easy eversince. Then they decided to make a new start at Paris where their grandparents live. Kate never felt more sad and miserable then now, but it soon vanished after she met Vincent, a gorgeous man who sit in front of her at the cafe where she loves to kill time by reading books at there.

Their first meeting grows a curiosity , then they "accidentally" met at the museum and some places. Vincent has many friends who have become part of his life. they are Jules, Ambrose, Carles and Charlotte and many more. They are not normal as other human, they are revenants.

Well they are the good revenants. Like humankind, they are good and bad ones. The good ones live by saving people's live, the bad ones live by killing people.

Later Kate and Vincent were  dating. And they were really sweet^^ But what if Kate knows about the history of Vincent's life? Will she still want to see him? Can she bear all the facts that after her parents died ,her life will not ever be the same anymore?

Five stars because :
1. The gorgeous cover.
2. The well-written story.
3. The sweet relationship between Vincent and Kate.
4. The awesome family that Vincent have, and they are very close to each other, make me envy >.<
5. The last is , I'm looking forward to read the 2nd book of this Revenants series.(it's a good sign that this book is so nice and fresh)

Note : I re-post this from my goodreads. I read this on July, 2011, almost a year now :) 
The next post will be the review of the second book which is Until I Die.
When I read this last year, I thought that they fell in love too fast and easy that I'm afraid they have no strong relationship and will break up so fast as well. But of course it did not happen since it wasn't real. However, in the second book, I love Vincent more. He was such a gentleman, more caring now, and a perfect guy for Kate.

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  2. iyah put. aku suka banget covernyaaaa ^^ isinya juga ok hehe.