Saturday, May 5, 2012

Tempting The Best Man - J.Lynn

Title : Tempting The Best Man
Author : J.Lynn (Jennifer L.Armentrout) 
Publication Date : April 23th 2012
Publisher : Entagled Publishing
Synopsis : Tempting The Best Man
Review : 
I loveeeee this book so muchhh. This book is written by my fav author Jennifer L.Armentrout under her peny name, J.Lynn. I love her writing and I've known that this book is gonna be a good book for sure.  Maddie had a crush on her brother's best friend, Chase, since like forever. Although he never said anything about his feeling which drive her crazy, but he always took a good care of her. That is what makes Maddie confused, whether he sees her as a sister or a woman. MySpace

Maddie's brother is getting married. All relatives have gathered, including Gamble brothers. Everyone knew that Maddie was madly in love with Chase. You know, Chase is one of those smokin' hot guys in Gamble brothers. He is handsome,smart, sweet, and charming. I kinda like a guy like Chase. He is kind of guy that sometimes I want to slap him in the face but I eventually will hug and pat him on the back. So, when they actually had to stuck at one room together for a few days, I want to laugh really hard :D :D MySpace They were really sweet, indeed.  MySpace

Tempting The Best Man is really nice and I just want to say that I want more!! I need more!!! XD
At first I thought it is a serialized book, but looks like I'm wrong yes? T-T I still hope J.Lynn will write it to series though. You know, Chase brother,Chad is cocky, arrogant, and freakin hawt!MySpace It wouldn't be hurt if J.Lynn writes his own story. Please! :)

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