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Never Never : Part Two - Colleen Hoover, Tarryn Fisher (Never, Never #2)

Title : Never Never : Part Two
Series : Never Never
Authors : Colleen Hoover, Tarryn Fisher
Publisher : kindle edition (hoover ink)
Publication Date : May 17th 2015
Synopsis : Never Never : Part Two
Review :

Charlie and Silas,
If you don't know why you're reading this, then you've forgotten everything.
You recognize no one, not even yourself.

Just imagine when you only have 48 hours to remember everything about yourself and the next second of it you remember nothing like who you are, where you are, and why you can't remember anything. It just happened over and over again without no explanation of why it happened. No one was there to help you except the letters that you wrote by yourself. Horrible, isn't it?

That's what happened to Silas and Charlie. This is the second part of the Never Never series, and this time Charlie is nowhere to be found. She was missing since the night she and Silas had an argument. Here we got a new fact that their families have a history together but then Charlie's father went to jail and he insisted that Silas's father was behind all of this. Everything was torn apart including the relationship that Silas and Charlie had.

I still have no clue about what's behind all of this and it's frustrating me. But I loveee everything about this story, the uncertainty, the mystery, and all. The authors are extremely good on this thing. I hope I'll be satisfied with the ending and get a reasonable reason of this mystery. Last but not least, Silas is still my favorite person and I really hope he and Charlie will get a good ending in the end. *fingers crossed* 

Down below is one of my favorite love letter that Silas wrote to Charlie : 

After you fell asleep, I moved the video camera closer to us.
I wrapped my arms around you and listened to you breathe until I fell asleep.
Sometimes when I have trouble sleeping, I'll play that video.
I know that's weird, but that's what you love about me.
You love how much I love you.
Because yes, I love you way too much.
More than anyone deserves to be loved.
But I can't help it. You make normal love hard.
You make me psycho-love you.

Rating : 4/5

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