Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Never Never : Part Three - Colleen Hoover, Tarryn Fisher (Never Never #3)

Title : Never Never : Part Three
Series : Never Never
Authors : Colleen Hoover, Tarryn Fisher
Publisher (format) : Kindle edition
Publication Date : January 19th 2016
Synopsis : Never Never : Part Three
Review :
This review is going to be the shortest review ever, because I really don't want spoil anything to you who haven't read it. What I am going to say is, no matter how asdfghjhkl it ends. When I finished this book, my reaction was like so, that's it? Is that all? I like it, but I can't say that I'm satisfied with the ending, though. I was hoping for something more like jaw-dropping fact, specific and reasonable to this mystery but it failed me. It's like a mind blowing story, but not in a good way. I was totally blown away by Silas and Charlie's story who got their memories lost for no reason, and their ways to get their memories back. But geezzz, that's the lamest reason ever! 

However, I still adore the writing, it was really good and made me stayed up all night to read it. It's not my first time reading Colleen's book so I know she won't disappoint me, and Tarryn's writing isn't bad at all. Thumbs up for these two superb authors. Funny thing is when Colleen herself rated her book with one star only lol. She is so cute!

Well, I will just share my favorite quotes of Silas that would make every girl swoon, it might sound cheesy, cliche, corny, you name it, but I love it! Silas is the most charming, gentle and considerate man ever :)
"What is the one thing you're the most scared of forgetting?"
"I would rather have lost my memory again with her than to have her be alone in this. At least when we were in it together, we knew it was something we could work together." 
"I know I have said it before, but I love that we still write letters to each other. Texts got deleted and conversations fade, but I swear I'll have every single letter you've ever written me until the day I die."

They say that even when the world seems unfair to you or nothing feels right, but always be grateful in any situation because there is always something to be thankful for. "It just seems like maybe we were ungrateful. A little bit spoiled. I'm not sure our parents taught us how to be decent humans. So in a way. . . I'm grateful this happened to us."

Upss... Did I just say earlier that this review is going to be the shortest review ever? =.=' sorry folks!
Time to say goodbye! Make sure to put Never Never in your upcoming books to read okay? 

Never stop,
Never forget.

Rating : 3/5

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