Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bound Together - Eliza Jane

Title : Bound Together
Author : Eliza Jane
Synopsis :
Seventeen-year-old Zoey needs an escape from some personal drama, like her mom’s depression and taking care of her four younger siblings. She finds the perfect distraction in a frenemies-with-benefits arrangement with irritatingly hot football captain, Matt, during their class trip to Paris. There’s no chance of falling for someone whose only ambition in life is to stay in their hick town and one day take over his parent’s tire store. But far from home and personal responsibilities, his cocky grin and easy attitude start to grow on her as they explore the seductive city of Paris together. Once they’re back at home, Zoey finds herself texting him for a secret rendezvous whenever she needs an escape. Though she’s been explicitly clear she’s using him for one thing, whenever Matt picks her up, he acts more like it’s a date-date rather than a backseat playdate –making sure she has eaten, or stopping to color with her little sister before they go out. Despite her best efforts at keeping their arrangement physical only, Zoey begins to realize – with fear and disgust – that she’s falling for him. When things fall apart with her mom, letting Matt see her real life takes more courage than she has – but if she’s brave enough to let him, he might be just the one person who can help.

Review :
Zoey is the oldest child in her family. At the age of seventeen, Zoey is supposed to have fun with friends, go to party, and dating. But she couldn't do any of that because she needs to take care of her four younger siblings. Zoey herself already feels like a mother to them. Their parents are still alive but they barely act like one. Her mother has depression and her father works all the time. However, all Zoey needs is a time to herself. And a class trip to Paris will certainly help her to forget her duty even just for a while. Not to mention  she's paired with football captain Matt to their assignment. 

To be honest, I don't even know if I will ever like Zoey. I do understand how hard it is to take over her mom's responsibility, do the housekeeping, look after her brothers and sister like her own children, but Zoey is very judgmental and seems to take things lightly. She doesn't want to get emotionally involved with anybody, not with her best friend or to any guy in her school. I feel bad for Matt because he is such a nice guy and he has a thing for her and it's certainly more than friends with benefit. Although they had issues with their own families but it's good to see how each character has developed their personalities.

Well, although the cover is quite promising but I'm disappointed with the story. Details and conflicts are a bit confusing. But I do like the interaction between Matt and Zoey. There's one that cracks me up the most.Zoey thought Matt wanted to kiss her while they were eating at the restaurant, so. . . .
"Parker, please - we're in public."
He pressed his lips together, suppressing a laugh. "I wasn't going to kiss you, Zoey." he whispered, leaning in towards me. His amusement on his face slowly fell when realized what I meant. "I was just trying to tell you that you have a piece of spinach in your teeth."

Rating : 1/5