Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Problem with Forever - Jennifer L Armentrout

Title : The Problem with Forever
Author : Jennifer L.Armentrout
Date of Publication : May 17th 2016
Synopsis : The Problem with Forever
Review :
We'd been separated. But we had never really been apart.

Mallory was suffering from post traumatic stress disorder as a result of being treated unfairly as a child. Childhood is supposed to be happy, innocence, something to cherish. But Mallory never felt that. All that she knew was silence is best way not to get hit. Her friend Rider swore to be her protector and will keep her safe. But he was kicked out and she was left all alone. 

Four years went by, luckily Mallory was adopted into a loving family. She decided to attend public school after years of homeschooling. And she accidentally met the guy who once promised to protect her, who always helped get through every problems she made. It was Rider.
"I'm here. You're safe, Mouse. And I know you might not believe it, but I'm going to keep you safe forever. That's a promise."
Will it ever the same again when they are finally reunited? Rider has a girlfriend now, and she doesn't look like she want to give him up for Mallory. Another problem is Mallory was assigned to do speech in front of class, and she is so bad at communication with other people due to her PSTD. Will she be able to overcome and conquer all her weaknesses? 
"Because I need to do that for myself. You can't..step in every time you think something happens. You can't always..protect me."
Mallory knows exactly that she can't depends on others for her entire life. She needs to rely on herself, believing that she can get through every single thing no matter how hard it is. She is a brave girl, the one who stood up for herself and I have so much respect for her. Meanwhile, Rider has a bad past too. But he always put Mallory first and doesn't think he is valuable enough to anyone. His life is a mess but Mallory doesn't think so. 

Mr.Santos is a one of a guy that earn my respect to a teacher. Teaching wouldn't be so hard if you only teach from textbooks. But being a good teacher means helping them through difficult times and not judging them for bad things they did on purpose or not.
"It's not about getting it right the first time and it's most definitely not about perfection, but if you try, you succeed. Just like you would in art. Or in life, for that matter. And by the looks of it, you're trying."
The Problem with Forever tells you that every person has a story, they are unique in their own ways so don't be judgmental. Put yourself in their shoes then you see it in their eyes. Not everyone is rich and raised in a good family, but that doesn't make them any less worthy. What a great story comes from this book. I have a faith on Jennifer L.Armentrout, and she never once failed me.

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