Sunday, April 29, 2012

Immortal City - Scott Speer

Title : Immortal City
Author : Scott Speer
Publication Date : April 5th 2012
Publisher : Scholastic UK Ltd.
Synopsis : Immortal City
Review :
This book is good. But it did not meet my expectation. When I read the synopsis, I couldn’t lie that it took all my attention. Angels live in town with all human? Are you serious? I mean, Wow.. Last book I read about Angel was Guild Hunter series written by Nalini Singh. What I expected was this book could be as fantastic as Angel's Blood. Blame me for hope that much. 

Anyway this book has its own charm. I mean, what is on this book has nothing to do with any other books. It is completely different, new and fresh, and the idea was just amazing.Don’t expect this book is only about love, but it is filled with mystery, revenge, secrets, and all. If I am allowed to imagine, Archangels are like Indonesian assembly or something like that, they have the power over Angels.  

There are two kinds of Angels in the world. True Immortals and Born Immortals. True immortals are truly immortal whereas born immortals can become mortal if their wings are removed. And an Angel can kill another Angel. You would be more surprise when you know that Angels are like celebrities, they are spotted everywhere with their pricey dress, extremely expensive car, etc. Geez, they even have their own news, magazines whatsoever. Sounds weird, impossible, out of question etc? Well, I think that’s the unique part of this book.  

And I bet you will figure out many surprises in this book.I love Jackson Godspeed. I could not find the right word to describe how cool he was. To be honest, I love men with wings rather than fangs. Lol.  Jackson is a very famous Guardian Angel. All guardian angels will pass Commission and will be assigned to protect humans.

Meanwhile, Maddy Montgomery is just a normal kid who lives with her uncle. While other people are crazy about Angels including her friends at school, she doesn’t want to take any part of that craziness. I just love how Maddy has self-control over herself.

“Look,I’m sure there are plenty of girls who would kill to have you sitting at their window tonight. But I’m not one of them.”

“I don’t fall for the money and the charm and the car. It takes a lot more than that.”

I wanna laugh out loud when I read it. She is just that cool and I often found myself admired with her. How she is so tough to face the unfair world, how sincere she is to all people.
Last but not least, Immortal City worths3 of 5 stars false

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