Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey #1 by E.L.James

Title : Fifty Shades of Grey #1
Series : Fifty Shades
Author : E.L.James
Publisher : Vintage Books
Publication Date : April 2012
Synopsis : click me
Review :
Anastasia Steele is an innocent woman who has lack experience in relationship. Meanwhile Christian Grey is totally the opposite of her. They met up for the first time when Ana came to his office to interview him on behalf of her best friend, Kate who was sick and couldn't come. Christian then finds a way to meet Ana again and again. Both of them have feelings to one another. What Ana wants is pure relationship, but Christian offers her a contract to sign which it contains of BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, Masochism)

Despite the BDSM, Christian Grey isn't that bad. What makes me curious is why he does that in the first place. I believe he has dark past that lead him to this kind of lifestyle. And I don't want to call Ana 'stupid' because she is not. From what I read, I could tell that she really loves Christian, therefore she is willing to sacrifice anything for him. She cares about him and wants to embrace her Fifty Shades. A normal woman who wants pleasure and money would probably run away after knowing his craziness, but somehow Ana dislike all presents that Christian gave to her. Mac, Blackberry, Ipad, you name it. She wants more beyond that. Something that doesn't involve money. It's Christian's past. She wants to know and learn everything about him.

About how bossy and what a control freak Christian Grey is, yes, I am totally agree. That guy is really a control freak. It's like when Ana doesn't feel like eating, yet he insisted her to eat no matter what. I could actually find the word 'eat' as much as I can find the word 'holy fuck or holy shit' in that book. (one of the reasons I give only 3 stars = too many repetition and redundant words). Well, it's clear that Grey has issues. But although the way he commanded Ana to eat sounds so wrong, somehow it's weirdly sound so right as well. I mean, how many couples do really care about whether their partners eat three meals a day or not?

Part that I hate the most (It's quite obvious I guess) is none other than the room of pain that Christian have in his mansion. And part that I enjoy the most is their emails. Sometimes there are things that are quite complicated to be told in face to face, but you can always be yourself when you are writing emails, or updating status, etc.

Christian Grey is very possessive and doesn't like sharing. Ha! I can't say whether I like it or not, but seeing how protective he is towards Ana, I'm just fine because it's clear that this man really loves Ana yet doesn't know about it. To be honest, I feel bad and pity for Grey to have a dreadful past that makes him become what he is in the present. That's why I can't put all the blames to him. He doesn't let Ana touch him, not even once. But I can see he really tries to make this relationship work. The book is getting better when Grey isn't that hard on himself anymore. The man isn't made from ice, though. He is a human being that has been tortured in the past.

Overall, this book is not that bad as I have heard so many times :) Put yourself in Grey's shoes, give him a break and maybe (maybe) you'll like him.

Rating : 3/5


  1. thanx to you Mer, i can read this book :p
    yes it's not as bad as what I think before.. wanna read the second book so much but the font is too small at my notes and i am too lazy too zoom in zoom out at every pages ._.

  2. Well, maybe it's a sign that you should buy the book, Rin? kekeke