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Wicked (A Wicked Saga #1) - Jennifer L.Armentrout

Title : Wicked
Series : A Wicked Saga
Author : Jennifer L.Armentrout
Date of Publication : December 8th 2014
Synopsis : Wicked #1
Review : 

"We're both here. That's all that matters, and I can't promise that I'm not going anywhere, but I'm going to try damn hard not to. That is one thing I'm going to tell you to trust."

Ivy is an Order. Each member was marked with a tattoo symbolized that they belonged to the Order. The tattoo itself symbolized freedom, live without fear. Because as a matter of fact, being an Order wasn't an easy task. The job is to send all fae back to the Otherworld by stabbing irons right in the center of their chests. It actually didn't kill them. Separating their heads from their bodies ended them for real. 

Ivy lost her parents and boyfriend three years ago. Since then she lived alone with a brownie - similar to a pixie. She called it Tink, since it cooked so well for Ivy, she let it live with her. She also got a best friend, an Order as well named Val. When they were gathered for meeting, part of her was scared that she won't be able to meet people she cared anymore, including Val. Ivy is a strong girl, her past had forced her to be one. She is practically doing all things all by herself. Killing fae? Easy peasy. Killing an ancient who tried to shot her with a gun? Go run like hell! 

Later, she was teamed up with her new partner, Ren. Well, JLA is known for always creating strong characters. Mostly I like every male lead that JLA created. But Ren hasn't given me 'the spark' yet. I like Ivy's toughness better than his ;___; But he was quite charming, though. What I love from him is that he is very straight-forward about his feeling towards Ivy and all his words provided a very calming influence over her. 

"Sweetness, you can't hold your life back on a bunch of what ifs. Who the hell knows what could happen? Either one of us could walk out of this house and get struck by lightning, or both of us could live until we're ninety. Tomorrow we could die or we could come back here. We don't know."
"But we're both here right now and that's all that matters. The right now."

For I can say this is not the best book of JLA, I know she can do better. I kind of having high expectation for this book but unfortunately it was not 'that good'. The plot twist was predictable, and the love interest was not at its best. But I still enjoyed reading it, kinda hoping this book will have love triangle *grin* #still hoping, though #fingerscrossed.

Rating : 3/5

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