Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Sunday

I have a thousand reasons to be happy today ^^

1. I've done my best to my thesis writing take-home test,
2. Got two extra hours to sleep ( so grateful for this one )
3. I went to Sun Plaza with my bf to celebrate our three years together, 
4. Bought three books @ Gramedia , yippieee
5. Got a sweet massage from my bf, he's so good on it!

I just love today. Wondering when will I get a free time like this since all assignments are waiting me to finish it.
By the way, these are the books I bought @Gramedia Sun Plaza.

Keegan's Love Pendant ( Teresa Bertha), Online Addicted (Irena Tjiunata), Where  She Went ( Gayle Forman)
PS : from left to right.

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