Saturday, February 8, 2014

Easy - Tammara Webber

Title : Easy
Series : Easy series
Author : Tammara Webber
Publisher : Berkley Trade
Date of publication : November 6th 2012
Synopsis : Easy
Review : 

"Even broken clocks are right twice a day."

My friends recommended this book to me saying that it was a great book and I won't deny it yet I won't overstating it. As the heroine, Jacqueline has gone through the worst part of her life. As if getting dumped by her boyfriend wasn't enough, she was nearly raped as well. Nothing has gone right until she met Lucas, the guy who helped her escaped from her nightmare. 

Lucas is probably Jacqueline's type but he is certainly not mine. I'm perfectly fine with tattooed men. But long hair on men is a BIG NO for me. I prefer a short haircut for men or Korean hairstyle is acceptable as well. 
Before I read this book, I already know that this hair thingy will somehow bother me a bit. But seeing how gentle Lucas was, all hair thing is slowly vanished away. 

"Choosing to be with you isn't a difficult decision, Jacqueline," he breather, pulling back one final time to stare into my eyes. "It's easy. Incredibly easy."

Easy has a good start in the beginning but I kinda lost in the middle yet end it quite well and satisfied. I like this book because it's realistic. It doesn't tell you all sunshine and rainbows but all the bad things that could happen to anyone and the way to solve it. This book is something that you need to read to get into another level of your life. Most books that I read have messages to deliver to its readers. This book definitely has one.

When someone sexually assaults you, you need to report him right away. Don't be afraid that people will judge you or anything. What matter the most is your feeling not theirs. Stop thinking about what other people will think about you, start thinking and caring about yourself. 



  1. Been interested in reading this one but the 'almost-raped' bit somehow keeps me from putting this on hold until now. Lots of readers seemed to be charmed by Lucas, though :) Nice review!

    1. thank you. yeah, I felt the same way. But it's already on my reading list for a year and I guess it's time to read it. Lucas is a gentleman, the only thing that bothers me a bit is just his hair. everything about him is perfect except that one :D